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So last night, 2/26 on The Dusty Wheel, The Innkeeper had a segment called Raves/Rants, and yours truly had a Rant that has now gone "viral" w/ a new hashtag...#JusticeforMat


Why?? Because The"SUPER GIRLS" Nyneave, Egwene, & Elayne have NOT Thanked Mat for saving their @$$es 3x over!  Nyneave Maybe said thanks to Mat, but Elayne & ESPECIALLY EGWENE did not do it.  In fact Egwene in all her Hawtyness & Hoititoiness hasn't even thanked ANY of the "Super Boys" for saving her over numerous occasions.  Rand, went into Falme to save her (Yes, I know Nyneave actually removed the collar) but he went to save her!  Mat, saved the girls from Tear,  Perrin saved Egwene in Tel'aranriod, and Egwene had the audacity to try and bind Perrin, saying it was too dangerous for him to be there.  Mat went on to save the girls 2 more times (I cannot remember the others, please someone refresh my memory) but even Aviendha told Elayne that she had Toh towards Mat!  


So I am calling out the Super Chickas for Not giving Mat or any of the "Super Boys" their due respect or gratitude! Hence why someone in the chat of the show came up w/ #JusticeforMat!

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