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We should probably have a thread for this. 


I finished it yesterday. It’s fine. Not as good as Wheel of Time, but you can see Jordan playing with some of the ideas he’d later develop more fully in that series. It’s definitely a throwback to the fantasy of the late 70s when it was written, so some aspects feel quite dated now. I wouldn’t consider it essential reading if you’re a WoT fan, but it’s not a bad book, especially if you enjoy sword and sorcery, Conan the Barbarian style stories. 


Anyone else read read it Yet? 

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not fully done, got a few chapters left, and doing the audible version


so far as i hear the chapters counting down i have this feel when it ends, i am gonna sit with the feeling of "but but where is the rest of the books" 



Well done, liked it, but also def feel like it could worked well for start of a series, and would have loved to have more books build upon it. 

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