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Wot changes/ideas

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Hi guys, 


I want to start off by saying that I fucking love WOT, its a great series that is up there in my opinion with GOT due to its ability to flesh-out characters, create varied and unique societies that are unlike anything I've seen before in fiction or if their are similar ones then they are done in such a way that they are wholly unique... But... over the entire series and once I completed AMOL all in the span of a year it dawned on me that in my own mind I was thinking about minor/major changes that I would have made.


Now I know that this might be an uncomfortable topic for some but if anyone has had any ideas on either minor/major changes they thought of and believe would have made a better WOT then I am beyond keen to hear them. Once again I love WOT but there is always room to make a more coherent story and avenues that might have made it more interesting. 


So using the templates of the Main Characters I will give you guys rough ideas of what I came up with:


Rand = Really Rand's story was the most fleshed out compared to the others and is solid (mostly), so I would keep it basically the same until we come to LOC, only changing that he meets Min under Seachan controlled Almoth Plain where the two sleep together before the assault on Falme. After Rand has been kidnapped by the White Tower Dumai Wells happen similarly except that Rand is unable to break the shield over him and is rescued instead. Once Perrin is gone and Rand is by himself surrounded by the armies of Tear, Cairhien & Aiel, here Rand would take become way more active in the war against Sammuel leading the armies against Illian instead of against the Seachan which would culminate in a fair duel between Sammuel and Rand where Rand (of course) wins. Afterwards Rand cleanses the Source Above Shadar Logoth and uses the combined efforts of the Black Tower, White Tower Rebel's, Aiel Wise Ones & an small force of Windfinders that combat the Forsaken and take heavy losses even though they Cleanse the Source.


When Rand awakes he is in a manor of a minor noble inbetween Tear and Cairhein where people have been flocking to ever since the battle, Rand recuperates there for over a month and in that month a shanty-city encroached the manor as a city is starting to be formed, a city the people are calling Dragon's Rest. Here Rand comes to realise just how his actions have affected the world considering that he has fused Tear and Cairhein so tightly that they have become on nation under his banner.


Instead of going to Arad Doman Rand decides to start preparations for the Last Battle as he enacts a conscription where all people are taught to fight or aid in the Last Battle. As he is doing this Elayne takes the throne of Andor, she is successful but the rebels siege the city and during this time she gives birth, hours after she gives birth to her twins she is murdered by an assassin. Once he hears of this Rand travels to Andor and confronts the new monarch before blasting her away with Balefire, during this period of mourning Elayne's mother comes back and is raised to Queen by popular vote. As Rand looks out onto his baby children Min comes and shows him that she has had a son that is 3or4 yrs old and that it is his son from their time before the assault on Falme, even though he becomes aware of his children though he spirals further down the dark path where Rand being absent for half of the Last Battle after Min is killed by a Forsaken, Aveinda also gives birth to a baby that is Rand's which only adds to his stressors as he is worried that now she might be a target which all culminating in that epic scene of Rand atop Dragonmount, except that his children are also part of the reason.


It is then that Rand approaches the Seachan and knells before the throne, bringing them into the conflict they are able to take Demandred's forces as a combined force of Rand, Mat, Perrin & Lan kill him. In the aftermath before marching on Shayol Ghul Rand sets down the Dragons Peace which the leaders sign in the hopes that the countless deaths are already worth the price, once all is signed and the Aiel have taken soul responsibility for enforcing. Marching with the Army of Light they come to Thankan'dar where a sea of trollocs and myraddral rolled-over each as they raced towards them from the ramshackle city in numbers that blackened the landscape. The horn is blown reviving all of those who had laid down their lives in the fighting since the Last Battle began including the Amyrlin Seat, with a force unlike anything the world had ever known before. With Rand at the lead and an inability to create Gateways this close to the Dark One they Army of Light charges with the Aiel racing behind Rand and being the first to collide with the sea of Trolloc's, they fight their way to Shayol Ghul and once inside things play out much like in the books, except he takes Avienda in and as he fights the Dark One Avienda gives her life to defend Rand.


After defeating the Dark One and switching places with younger Ishmael who has been careful to show his face often wearing a mask to hid his youth, Rand now powerless as his part of the pattern is complete turns his attention to his children, he poses as a court advisor in Andor and becomes a surrogate father to them using his knowledge garnered from a lifetime of fight to help mould them into the best them they can be, not only for themselves or their people but also for the world and the pattern.


Perrin = Perrin's story is well known for lagging in certain bits so this is me trying to do him justice, his story remains mostly the same until TDR with the only minor changes that he bumps into Faile in Camlyn in EOTW when they randomly bump into each other on the street, no words are passed but she admires him before Lord Luc calls her name. They meet again in TGH in Cairhein when Rand, Perrin & Matt attend a gala for nobles and there Faile is dancing, on seeing Perrin she immediately breaks from her current partner and goes for him once on the dancefloor the two share flirty dialogue as at the corner of the room Lord Luc speaks with the nobles of the land.


During TDR Perrin with the Sheinaran's, Moiraine Sedia & Lan track after Rand but go through Ghealdan a budding new Nation where they are forced to attend another gala, Perrin is particularly of interest considering his eyes and how he carries himself and it is during the meeting with the Queen of Ghealdan that Cadsuane Sedia shows that she is at the court. Shortly after the gala finishes Moiraine hurries to leave as she makes Lan and Perrin duck-out in the middle of the night leaving the Sheinaran's. The rest of TDR is extremely similar except that Faile is absent, at Tear he is spiked by the Angreal and is sent to the Wolf-Dream where he fights his way out and defeats a pack of Darkhounds as they are susceptible to attacks from the Wolf-Dream.


In TSR he still heads back to the Two-Rivers with Loial but also with a battalion of Stone Dogs who were sent by the Wise Women to watch his back. There they find what they find in the books except that Lord Luc is accompanied by a large party one of this party being Faile & an already large amount of refugee's who have fled the unrest along the West Coast. Faile and Perrin continue flirting whenever they are close together (Much to Lord Luc's dismay) and she helps him free the people of Edmunds Field from the Whitecloaks, due to the conditions any metal that is found is smelted and forged into spears and square-plated armour as the Aiel teach the Two-Rivers how to fight with the spear. Through the Wolf-Dreams Perrin is able to wound Laam whose eyes glow the gold of a wolf and proves that Lord Luc is a Darkfriend which even takes Faile and some of the others in the party by surprise, they fight off the Trolloc horde as done in the book with reinforcements from the other villages of the Two-Rivers. Although Perrin is absent for the next book, in LOC it is shown that he has maintained the peace of the Two-Rivers as the people are flourishing with the refugee's skills and crafts whilst the Aiel who survived continue to teach a large force of Two-Rivers men how to fight with spear creating a fight-force for Manetheren Reborn which also utilises their signature longbow.


Perrin still feels the Ta'veren pull and takes his force to find Rand, they come to Cairhein and find that he has been kidnapped prompting Perrin to take charge and force all of the different fractions under Rand to unite, rallying an army to match any other they depart for Dumai Wells were everything happens similarly except that Perrin rescues Rand and captures most of the Aes Sedia. For a month afterwards they recover in Cairhein, under Rand the Aes Sedia are treated terribly almost to the point where he considers collaring them but Perrin cannot stomach this and confronts Rand openly in front of the court, during the course of the argument they almost come to blows and Perrin decides to leave but Rand rebuffs him and gives him an impossible task, defeat the Seachan's Re-Invasion of the West Coast as they have invaded Tarabon, Almoth Plain & Arad Doman then further tasks him with brining him the Prophet.


Perrin leaves with Faile, as many Aes Sedia as he can save, a large squad of Ashamann, Berelain & her administration, Manetheren, Aiel, Tairen, Cairhein & anyone who has slightly annoyed Rand in the past few months. Over the Course of a month their forces Travel to the West Coast, through Berelain's adeption at the Game of Houses and his advisors he is able to attraction attention of rebel factions which include Dragonsworn. A meeting is made and he meets the Great Captain Rodel Ituralde and through a fractured alliance they force Perrin to prove himself, with his retainer Perrin obtains the members of the Merchant Council right out of Seachan hands & liberates the Diarchy of Tarabon, thus proving himself to the rebel fractions. together they unite and push out the Seachan sending them all the way back into the sea and greatly endearing Perrin to the nations of the West Coast. throughout this period Perrin experiments with the Wolf-Dream and more than once comes across Isam, through conversation Perrin finds out that Isam is a Malikeri Wolfbrother who sided with the Shadow.


Once peace is restored to the West Coast an anonymous letter arrives asking all lords to meet at Falme, during the ride there Faile admits to Perrin that she is pregnant and has been since they first came to the West Coast months prior. At Falme a mysterious carriage arrives followed by a large retainer of extremely beautiful people and stepping out of the carriage Graendal sets weaves upon the men, due to her pregnancy the weaves do not work on Faile and taking actions she engages in a fight with Graendal where she is able to cut her head off since Graendal is not a fighter compared to other Channelers, once dead her weaves fade and her true extremely overweight and ugly form is shown as she wore a constant façade.


The tale of Faile the Forsaken-Slayer spreads far across the land reaching Ghealdan and Amadicia even before they do, Perrin and Faile march into Jehannah and find a city that is a shadow of its former self under the Prophets merciless army even though there is only a tiny bastion there as the rest are fighting as another faction within the Children Of Light's Civil War sparked by Pedron Nhial's death between the white-cloaks and red-cloaks. the Prophets people flee as the Aiel chase them away and once inside the city he meets with the new Queen, an agreement is struck where he will quell the Prophet and his Dragonsworn making sure that the Dragon himself will make them accountable for the horrific crimes they have committed, this compels the Queen to bend the knee to Perrin as forfeits her monarchy and hands it to Manetheren. The Prophet meets with Perrin and unannounced to Perrin Mesma's legions are fortified by Shaido Aiel who claim to be sent from the Dragon Reborn to help unite the world, Mesma does not believe Perrin when he tries convincing him what they have done and instead states that their two armies will go to war. As Perrin is going back to his army to prepare for a battle he is set upon by White-cloaks now lead by Galad, like in the books he is set to trial which all goes extremely similarly. After the trial Perrin's advisors try to get him to move the army away from the Dragonsworn as they alone have nearly twice their own numbers, but figuring out that the White-cloaks being so close would be unbearable to Mesma Perrin and his forces surprise attack the Prophet's forces when they are surprise attacking the White-cloaks before they are all set upon by hordes of Trolloc's as Lord Luc leads them. Beating out the Trolloc's and fight off Lord Luc, the Shaido and Dragonsworn bend the knee to Perrin and knowing what will happen to them under Rand he agrees to save them as he absorbs them into his own army, and due to his actions the White-cloaks reluctantly change their opinion about Perrin Goldeneyes before they continue their march to Andor.


For KOD Perrin marches his forces back to Manetheren and consolidates power there, with the aid of the Aes Sedia they access the ancient halls built into the mountain and take the heights as their capital where they are also able to create stationary Waygates that are always active and other marvels. Amador now monarchy-less also bend the knee to Perrin as they want the safety his Aiel-trained army can provide. Faile gives birth whilst there and seeing the state of the world and the never-ending clouds Perrin calls a Summit for all people of the Light all across the known and unknown parts of the world. The summit is attended by the nations of the wetlands, Aiel & Atha'an Miere clans, and others further beyond which includes the Dragon Reborn and the Seachan, the summit is successful mostly to unite the people and although there is hurt feelings as the Queen of Andor demanded that Manetheren relinquish themselves over to Andor but Perrin denied they are all still marching towards the Last Battle without a few key players.


AMOL is similar for Perrin as he is using the Wolf-Dreams to cover great masses of land at once and is witnessed being on every battlefield, as he is hunting Slayer who has been risen to Forsaken. helping defeat Demandred Perrin with Faile by his side signs the Dragon's Peace and marches for Shayol Ghul, as the dead return after the horn is blown wolves muscle their way through the Army of Light and take their destined place at the front lines of the Last Battle as their howls become the battle cry that invigorates the Army of Light to charge against the sea of Trolloc's. during the battle Perrin and Slayer seek each other out as their fight bounces between the Wolf-Dreams and reality until Perrin brings his hammer down on Slayer's head killing both Isam and Lord Luc.


After the Last Battle there is no need for Perrin to go searching for Faile as she has been fighting beside him the whole time officially being married once the Last Battle is finished by the Amyrlin Seat with their 1yr old baby and friends in attendance which happens just before Rand's body dies.



I also am keen to do a few others but underestimated how much I was going to write, but before I continue on I am extremely interested to know your guys thoughts and ideas?

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Continuing on with my ideas I have been shifting through them and came up with these for the next characters, but again I am interested in hearing all of your guys opinions from the major changes to the minor ones, even if its something tiny that you guys just want to see in WOT.


And if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and inquire about why I came to the conclusions on these certain changes I would like to see.


Mat = Mat's story was pretty well developed and explored I though even if there were a few missteps and the like as to me it appeared that he was a side character for longer than he should have been, so his story would definitely stay roughly the same until TSR. The only changes I reckon could help define his character earlier would be that he is excited about leaving the Two Rivers as he dislike their home because people have tarred him as a vagabond and don't acknowledge that he is probably the smartest person to hail from the Two Rivers, he seduces a few maids during EOTW & at Shadar Logoth he shows an intellect as he rebels against an order Lan gives which would have sent them into the fist of Trollocs.


During TSR Mat becomes friendly with the Tairen lords much like in the books as he also enjoys taking their money, instead there is no Ter'Angreal that leads to the Finn in Tear. He follows Rand and the Aiel to the Wastes as the Tear Armies goes about its task of mobilising to bring order to Cairhein, they travel through the Ways as Loial had created a map of symbols that they are to follow. they arrive in front of Rhuidean (maybe something happens in the Ways) and their thanks to the Wise Ones delegates from all Aiel have come to witness the supposed Car'a'carn, Rand, Moiraine, the Wise Ones & the delegates convene in a tent and when Mat goes to join them he is barred, what makes this worse is that Rand agrees with them. during this period Mat buys his wide-brimmed hat from a vendor who he finds odd as he asks very personal questions about Rand. In the middle of the night Rand is sent into Rhuidean and noticing him depart Mat sneaks around the Aiel and follows Rand at a distance. In the city he follows Rand to the great tower in the middle and watches as Rand disappears. Mat follows but instead comes to the Finn, and is meet by Eelfinn who immediately comment "that he is not Aiel therefore they have no deal to guide him". The same thing happens here as what happens when Mat first meets the Eelfinn but once the tower starts to break and the Eelfinn begin to rush Mat he is able to blackmail them into giving him something that would protect him from the One Power, the Eelfinn agree and give him a medallion that is a blood-red hand (not the fox-head medallion) it is here that he allows them to take him out and hang him from the Avendesora tree.


Mat is blacklisted by the Aiel some of whom call for his head as he has defiled sacred ground to them but is protected by Rand who has proven himself Car'a'carn. As they are preparing to leave to show Rand to the Aiel as the Car'a'carn Rand instead gives Mat a new mission, he tasks Mat which leading/making sure Tear does what he ordered them to do and remembers that they are now apart of the Army of Light. No Aiel will travel with Mat and instead Lan is forced to go by Moirane. The two reverse the map of symbols Loial gave Rand and make their way back to Tear.


At Tear Mat finds that the lords have been lack since the Dragon has gone but under Mat's vague leadership they rally and bring their army to Cairhien as he leaves Berelain in charge of Tear, through the preparation stage Mat and Berelain end up severely disliking each other. Once in Cairhien an alliance of several houses threatens to overhaul the entire operation as the forces Mat has at-hand are significantly smaller than his opponents force, it is here that Mat shows his battle prowess and strategic thinking as he defeats the houses with a force half their size. The Tairen lords who originally stayed away at arms length because they wanted to "wait and see" now flock around Mat and even some Cairhien houses side with Mat.


During TFOH Mat secures half of Cairhien and helps secure lands that are under threat of the Shaido Aiel as he develops strategies that are able to route the Aiel. Linking up with Rand and the Aiel this becomes a sore spot of contention between the Tairen's as they have won almost every battle against the Shaido and believe they could win again all Aiel whilst the Aiel are horrified that Mat is such an accomplished commander. with both forces working together they beat the Shaido exactly like in the books except that Mat was not trying to leave. After the fighting once they have secured the city, he as well as the Dragon are praised as heroes as he was the one who slew Couladin. It is then that Mat begins preparations of leaving.


for the next month he prepares as lords from Tear and Cairhien as well as soldiers from all over want to follow him and reluctantly he agrees. At the same time he agrees to go to Ebou Dar where the rebel Aes Sedia have convened, Rand reluctantly agrees and after a large parade where the entire army follows them down to the docks Rand creates the Gateway for them to travel through. it is right after Mat and the Band leaves that Lanfear attacks and kills Moiraine.


During LOC, In Ebou Dar Mat and the band are tasked with the protection of Aes Sedia and to train the recruits that have pledged themselves to the rebellion, Mat begins an affair with the Queen of Altara. Once this is found out by the Aes Sedia they send him with the Band to aid Min & Elayne as well as handful of Aes Sedia as they travel to Bandar Eban to get the Horn of the Winds.


During ACOS A Waygate is made and they travel to the outskirts of the city before riding with a few thousand soldiers, due to this force The band is tasked with the protection of the city and through this policing action allow Elayne & Min the ability to find the Bowl in relative safety, much the same as what happens in Ebou Dar happens here. Once they have found the Bowl Elayne & Min as well as a hundred Channeler's from the Kin, Aes Sedia & Windfinders convene in the city centre bringing special as the entire city gathers to watch the Channeler's break the drought and summer heat that has hung around for to long which immediately bring upon autumn. At the end when the Seachan attack Bandar Eban.


Mat disappears for POD & WH before reappearing in COT, the Seachan rolled over Bandar Eban and took everything and everyone under their control. Due to Mat and most of the Band fighting to protect the city they have been enslaved and due to Perrin pushing the Seachan out they have been brought back to Seachan. At this time Seachan is tore apart as the four children of the Empress are fighting for her throne. There Mat is a mining slave and has been lumped in with a bunch of faces he doesn't know, there he makes friends with the other slaves and captives through a game they have which is basically chess. This same game is also played by the guards and once Mat has beaten all of the slaves the guards begin to play him and lose, he then plays the warden and wins easily, the warden takes him to the captain of the guard at a city close by and the captain loses. Mat continues to beat these people until he is presented before the Daughter of the Nine Moons who he is then forced to play and beats. Because Mat does not understand the culture he doesn't take a dive because he doesn't know to be afraid.


Mat is given to the Daughter of the Nine Moons as a gift and he is taken to a field where a war camp is, on the morning he is given a translator and is told to win them the battle otherwise he would be killed. Mat wins them the battle and is released under the condition that he wins the Daughter of the Nine Moons the war against her siblings, Mat agrees but under conditions such as the Band of the Red Hand is reformed which is agreed to. He is sent to take the Western lands of Seachan with a large Seachan force that constitutes numbers people from his lands haven't had in hundreds of years. Mat brings this sibling to bear with decisive victory after decisive victory until all of Western Seachan is under Tuon's control, he uses the Seachan resource as well as the ones brought from home, he has Aludra create her cannons as well as muskets which are largely embraced by his force, he even lows greater freedoms and liberties to the Damane which makes the Seachan in his force dislike him but proves to be the right decision more than once when Damane have the ability to act without first having to be allowed.


During KODMat and his forces reunite with Tuon and her forces, Tuon is both cold but pleasant to him as she tears him apart for the freedoms given to Damane as the secret about Sul'dam's becomes public knowledge. throughout the course of this their one army begins the conquest of Seachan's North, through further development Mat becomes aware that when they were apart a Prophecy was told that predicted Tuon marriage and most believe that this involves Mat. During siege of the last holdout city Semirhage begins flooding Trollocs into the city so they can surprise the Seachan with the hulking beasts but once she is finished she is stabbed with Mordeth's dagger which has been passing from hands to hands are the corruption compels people to do its bidding. When the Seachan are marching into the city with Mat at the lead the Trolloc's attack before the silvery mist attacks them, Mat spars with the wielder of the dagger before disarming them and taking the dagger but being immune to its corruption he is find and the mist dissipates. the knife is somewhat purified as much as it can be by a hundred Sul'dam controlled Damane and the knife is attached to a quarter-staff becoming the Ashandarei. due to all of the commotion and the realisation that Mat was someone of utmost importance to the Pattern Tuon and him are formally married with a wedding that grinded Seachan to a halt.


During TOM, Mat brings a large force of Seachan through the Ways as the Gardener (Sasquatcha) sings an ancient tree-song the entire trip to ward off the Wind (I can't remember its name of the life of me) they arrive in Almoth Plain and immediately hear of this meeting Perrin has called and march for it, on the backslopes of the Mountains of Mist Mat comes into contact with Edmond's Fielder's who remark that he has become a legend in his own right calling him Mat O' Shade who dices with the Dark One for Fun. At the meeting between the nations even though Mat and Perrin try their hardest the Seachan opt out of being apart of the Army of Light as Fortuna will only agree if the Dragon knees to the Crystal Throne. This becomes a sore spot of contention between Mat and her and by the end of Mat sneak away to join the Army of Light that is marching for The Last Battle.


During AMOL, Mat is instrumental as he out Captains even the Great Captains and is the one to divvy them up to where they are needed. Once it comes to light that the Great Captains are compromised he takes control over the entire Army of Light and leads it as Rand is MIA and Perrin hunts the Forsaken at every battlefield. At the Fields of Merrilor he brings all the Armies together as Demandred attack with the Sharans, like in the book Mat leads the army as Demandred calls out Rand as Demandred believes that it is only the Dragon that could lead such an army like this. Even though they beat the odds and survive longer than they should have they begin to get crushed as they lose the Armylin Seat and a large portion of the channellers, the Seachan show up from behind Demandreds army and slaughter them easily as Zen-Rand reveals himself as well as Perrin. When Demandred asks Rand why he has been controlling the army instead of fighting Rand replies that he hasn't even been close by allowing for the realisation that Demandred has been battling wits against someone who isn't even a Channeller.


After much deliberation Mat convinces Fortuna to sign the Dragons Peace and make peace with the White Tower and as she does agreements are made that still favour Seachan culture. At the Last Battle, Mat was responsible for the tactics put into place beforehand as he figured it would be a cluster-fuck thus gave orders prior. Right before the charge begins Mat blows the Horn of Valerie and those who gave their lives at the battles since the fighting truly started are revived as even the Armylin is brought back. It is during the course of the fighting that he fights Shaidar Haran who is the governor of Thankan'dar and outwits him slicing the Myradralls head off killing a large swath of Trollocs who were linked to him significantly decreasing the Shadows army but loses his eye in the process.


Once the Last Battle is over Fortuna and the leaders of Seachan name him Knotai which is a term only used twice before for someone all have agreed not to try and kill as they have proven themselves worthy of being Seachan. It is at the pyre made for Rand as it burns that Fortuna tells Mat that she is pregnant and has high expectations for their children.



Due to this one being huge I'll leave it at that for now but already I think I missed a few other things I would have liked to add in. Anyway tell me what you think or the ideas you have.

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Hi all, sorry I haven't continued this thread in ages just got side-tracked. So continuing on, but again I am interested in hearing all of your guys opinions from the major changes to the minor ones, even if its something tiny that you guys just want to see in WOT.


And if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and inquire about why I came to the conclusions on these certain changes I would like to see.


Nynaeve/Egwene = Nynaeve al'Vere: Although both characters were unique and had incredibly great arcs throughout the entire series with some missteps I would personally merge these two characters -I saw this suggested by a Youtuber for the WOT TV show and loved the idea straight away-, But I would tend to make her more-so Nynaeve then Egwene at least as it begins.


So, Nynaeve is the youngest Edmond's Field Wisdom who is the Mayor's youngest daughter and is heavily suggested that she will marry Rand although she did help swaddle him when he was a babe and she was very little, although usually considered hard-headed she is not inexperienced with love as she has had relationships & flings in the past most of which aren't widely known by the town.


During EOTW she trails after the group when Rand, Mat & Perrin abscond from Edmond's Field finding them in the tavern however before she can bring them back Moiraine points out that Nynaeve herself is a ta'veren (always hated that neither of the girls were ta'veren, for some reason it just always bugged me.) and reluctantly accepts to accompany them as her very presence puts Edmond's Field in further danger. It is along the road that Moiraine notices Nynaeve's power which she states as being "perhaps the biggest pool of Saidar I've ever come across" further remarking how its intoxicating just to be around, over the course of a few sessions of trying to teach Nynaeve they stop as Nynaeve is to difficult either arguing constantly or getting too aggressive when she cannot ascertain what Moiraine is saying. Also as they travel west Nynaeve and Lan start to talk a lot as Nynaeve finds herself unflinchingly attracted to the older man, she initiates each conversation as Lan is pleasant but does not speak beyond what he believes he needs to.


After Shador Logoth Nynaeve is washed ashore where Perrin finds her, the two make a fire but cannot light it so in an anger she accidently summons a fireball to her hand which she throws at the river in a panic, after surprise and calmed. Their storyline continues like normal only its Nynaeve and when they are at the Tinkers camp Nynaeve constantly denies Aram's advances as she is beginning to develop feelings for Lan, throughout the rest of EOTW everything is the same only at the end when Nynaeve professes her love Lan is straightforward roughly what he says in the books but makes it clear that he has no interest in her or anyone whatsoever, his only thought in life is devoted to fighting the Shadow as nothing else to him matters.


During TGH Nynaeve's journey is extremely similar as she becomes a Accepted, becomes friends with Elayne (Who becomes a Dreamer), and shows a preference towards the Yellow Ajah. The Major difference is they aren't betrayed here instead TGH focuses on their studies and the Aes Sedia's interest in Nynaeve and her Block on channeling.


During TDR Nynaeve and Elayne continue their studies, when Verin shows up with Min and a sickly Mat Nynaeve forces her way sitting by Mat as over thirty Aes Sedia work to clean the taint of Shadar Logoth out of Mat holding his hand the entire time, so sad/angry is she that Nynaeve is able to see the weaves going into Mat helping speed up her own studies. Pissing off a lot of Aes Sedia by this point as Nynaeve has been calling out the White Towers failures and "pomposity" constantly she is relegated to the libraries by the Amyrlin Seat - who secretly wants the records of Aes Sedia movements to be read for any inconsistences (or something)- and anywhere there is less likely annoy anyone with Min allowing the two to become friends, whilst down there she makes friends with Verin and some of the other Brown Sister who have come to agree with what Nynaeve has been saying. At this time like in TGH Liandrin get Nynaeve, Elayne & Min but this time takes them to Tear where things go like in TDR.


During TRS Elayne & Min go to Tarabon whilst Nynaeve follows Rand into the Aiel Wastes where she admits that she is not an Aes Sedia to the Wise Ones who immediately take to Nynaeve for her caring, loyal & stubborn personality which they believe could mould her into a great Wise Ones of the Wetlands -due to their importance on personality over power the Wise Ones do not take such an interest in her Block-. This angers Aiel but most of whom quickly let go of it as their Wise Ones are always correct. Things go similar as Nynaeve learns what it means to be a Wise Ones of the Aiel all the way through the Wastes and even when they come back into the Wetlands, as they travel Nynaeve also takes an Aiel lover much to disapproval of both Wise Ones and Moiraine. After breaking the Shaido and Rand has taken Cairhein they hear about the White Tower schism as the rebels gather at Ebou Dar.


During TFOH Nynaeve is called to both Aes Sedia groups earlier than in the original series, Nynaeve refuses for a time before the rebels contact her explaining that they want to make her the Amyrlin Seat, she takes this to the Wise Ones who give their permission for her to go and like in the books she learns how to create a Gateway but in imperfect one which gets her to Ebou Dar. 


During LOC-ACOS Nynaeve leads the Aes Sedia as Amyrlin Seat knowing full well that she is a sacrificial pawn to that will be used to secure the rebels place back into the White Tower and give them concessions, Nynaeve however with the aid of Elayne & Min garners support slowly from the lowest ranks of the rebels. She is tutored in the power continuously expanding her abilities with Healing and Battle-weaves, as in the books Moghedien balefires at Nynaeve but she survives and releases the Block herself.


As in the books there is a massive coalition of Sea Folk ships in the Ebou Dar bay so Nynaeve (have only half the support of the rebels) travels to the Sea Folk and makes the Prophesised Treaty of Land & Sea with them much like in the books, however the Coramoor is instead Nynaeve who according to Atha'an Miere prophecies will unite the peoples of the world and heal the drowned, although Nynaeve approaches the subject of channelers the Mistress of Ships denies further talking about it.


Things go much similarly with Nynaeve the White Tower conflict which was perfectly written editing out Aran'gar (Personally I hate that they are reborn, it raises stakes but feels cheap to myself) having it that the Rebels efforts are getting hampered by unseen forces within their own army AKA the Black Ajah. They Gateway to Murandy then Andor then onto the slopes of Dragonmount where the siege of Tar Valon happens.


During WH as the Aes Sedia rebels are making their way towards Tar Valon feel the massive pooling over Shadar Logoth, leading her strongest warriors Nynaeve arrives to assist cleansing the source as the rebels fight back against the Forsaken.


During COT Nynaeve is captive by the tower where she must compose herself and break her stubbornness gaining humility eventually winning over the loyalists who stayed at the White Tower under Elaida, especially after the false imprisonment and subsequent death of Verin and her admission of being a Black Ajah.


During KOD the Seanchan attack although this is a last ditch effort on behalf the Empress (At that time unknown) a small army attacks under the cover of night with mort'raken to kill as many Aes Sedia as possible and to torch Tar Valon. the Seanchan are originally extremely successful but Nynaeve at first leads a group of novices -including the girls from the Two Rivers- that grows as they repel the assassins who are there to butcher them, this is as the rebels break into the city to assist defending the population. After the battle when all of the Seanchan have fought to their last few are left untarnished as the city of Tar Valon had officially been breached. Once Nynaeve is officially Amyrlin Seat she sets out purging the White Tower from Black Ajah culminating with the battle in the World of Dreams.


During TGS Nynaeve the official Amyrlin Seat sends letters all over the wetlands that the Black Ajah is real giving names to all who escaped withdrawing them from any funds that they could have called upon under the light of Tar Valon, in this letter Nynaeve also admits that the Last Battle is near and all will need to be ready. Nynaeve's roll will be facilitating food storage in the vast labyrinth under Tar Valon and training of all citizens even those who will be in support rolls. Upon hearing of Elayne's death Nynaeve so distressed heads too Camelyn where she arrives just in time to see Rand balefire away the person responsible for Elayne's death, seeing Rand is no longer the boy she once knew she is brought to terror by him but decree's that she will preside over an election where Elayne's mother is brought in as Monarch again.


During TOM Nynaeve goes to Perrin's summit where she and the other channeler groups discuss how best to proceed as she has seen first hand how they all have something to offer as Aes Sedia have the strongest base knowledge of the One Power, Aiel Wise One's have mastered Power-Imbibing, Sea Folk have mastery over water & air over huge areas, Kin have mastered healing & enhancing weaves etc. So the agreement of apprenticeship between all the different groups is reached.


Turning her attention to Fortuna the two instantly have a distaste for each other as Fortuna blesses the soldiers that attacked the White Tower saying "They done the Will of the Seanchan, they will feast next to Artur Hawkwing for their actions", and it is because Nynaeve and the White Tower side with the Army of Light that the Seanchan don't.


During AMOL Nynaeve fighting's in the Last Battle like Egwene does even killing herself to resealing the pattern and killing Mazrim Taim. However once the Horn of Valerie is blown Nynaeve and all who died from the beginning of the Last Battle are brought back, instantly they see the blackened landscape of Trolloc's a sea worth of them rushing over each other. Flighting fireballs and killing all Shadowspawn that come into view Nynaeve follows Rand and the Aiel up the slope of Shayol Ghul where she defends the entrance until the Dark One is defeated.


She administers over Rand's death trying hard to keep him alive even though she cannot, her abilities with healing are unparalleled as she accomplishes all she accomplishes during the original series as well, but still cannot stop Rand's death. 


Still Amyrlin Seat Nynaeve spends the rest of her time presiding over the new world that they fought so hard for, half of those that fought on the slopes of Shayol Ghul died (some dying again) but the world comes to a new peace and understanding, an Age of Healing.



Sorry for that being so long guys, but as I said let me know what your guys alterations would be.

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My main concern was the "flame of Tar Valon" arc, and the fact that Logain was basically robbed of his chance to face off against Taim.  


Logain was literally the main opposer of Taim for 3 or 4 books, and yet they dropped him just to give Egwene a chance to suddenly reaalize how to completely reverse balefire?  


1; Balefire shouldn't be reverseable  That's the point of balefire.  It's so dangerous that it could destroy the whole pattern.


2; There are so many other things Egwene could have done, in much the same fashion without stealing the spotlight from Logain and killing off one of the most anticipated story arcs of the series.  I for one couldn't wait to see Logain finally face off against Taim, and they drop it.



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