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Audio Books allow us to pinch back time we otherwise waste doing the mundane things in life such as the hours wasted commuting to and from work, time spent getting stuck into the household chores or pulling those darn weeds.


Not only can Audio Books help motivate us by listening to an inspirational story of courage, they educate by teaching us a new language or help improve our career prospects by mentoring us in the latest business techniques or simply relax us during our leisure time by listening to our favourite Fiction.


At Listen-here.com we have pulled together THE Top Downloadable Audio book Titles from the World’s leading Publishers including Harper Collins, the BBC, Naxos, Simon and Schuster, Blackstone, Time Warner (Hachette), the list goes on.


With over Five Thousand (and growing by the day) top quality Downloadable Audio Books from the best selling Authors including James Patterson, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Michael Connelly, J.A. Jane, Mario Puzo, Michael Critchon, Elmore Leonard… in fact think of any best selling Author and you can be pretty certain you can download it at



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