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Unbow your legs and get to running! (Attn: Ramza)


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As Daruun walked around the clearing he had designated as his physical training area he checked over everything to make sure that nothing had been misplaced and that everything was ready for his new trainee. Rowul isn't new to the band, but he is new to my style of training. I hope it doesn't kill him seeing as how he is cavalry.Blood and bloody ashes where is he? I told him to be here at sunrise and the sun is already half way over the horizon. As Daruun double checked everything he saw a bow-legged form come sauntering out of the woods. As the man walked up to him he saw that it was Rowul Stromblade. When the Lieutenant reached him he called him down. "Lieutenant Stromblade! Despite the fact that you have superiour rank this is my training ground and when I tell you to be here at sunrise I MEAN BE HERE AT SUNRISE, NOT DURING SUNRISE!" Looking down at the smaller man Daruun saw a look of shock and outrage on his face. Flexing his large muscles in a challenge he straightened his back, bringing himself even higher than the man.


Daruun Daedron


Blacksmith, taskmaster, trainer.


OOC: Just Rp getting there, and remember, you asked for it, so here is the class.






Rowul woke up late with a head that felt as if an anvil had fell on it,,,,,,and he hadn't been drinking.


Picking out sturdy clothes he went to where the sergeant was standing, and then the torrent began



flex your muscles will you


"First things first Sergeant, you are the teacher. But prisitle like that at me again and you will be lieing on your back with blood flowing from your face, I do not brook intamadation. You might be taller, but i am older adn have been in more fights, and battles than i probaly should have. Never forget that i can kill you, so don't try to intamadate me.

Second, lets get this party started"



As Daruun looked down at the cavalryman he felt anger building up inside of him. He quickly quelled it knowing that his mother had taught him better than to pick fights with people. "Alright then, lets do it." Besides, no cavalryman that has gone through my workout has come out without being to sore to lift a sword, even some infantrymen end up that way. While Daruun walked Ramza over to his weight benches he explained the plan for the day. "First thing that you need to know is that today will be hard, not as hard as tomorrow, or as hard as any day for the next month. Which is how long I have you for. But today is merely assessment, we will lift weights until we can not lift any more, then we will run until we can not run anymore. Then, depending on how well you did, I will decide how hard I need to work you to get you in good enough shape to be equal to that of an excellent infantryman." By the time Daruun had finished his speech the two men had arrived at the weight benches. Sitting Ramza down at one Daruun began to demonstrate how to lift properly so that the cavalryman wouldn't hurt himself.


Like most men who had some decent muscle on them Ramza picked up on it fast and lasted quite a while, longer than most infantry privates on their first day. But by the time Daruun got finished Ramza looked like he was bored beyond belief and was becoming impatien. "Alright, lets get some lunch then it will be time for my favorite part to do with cavalrymen, running."


OOC: alrighty Ramza, sorry about the delay, RL got tough. Just get it up to date then we will run like there is no tomorrow.

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(*gsap* no not the dreaded running...lol)



Rouwl growled, i joined the calvary so i wouldn't bloody have to run everywhere like a commoneer.


Rowul knew that he lifting of wieghts had taken a major toll on his body but not in his legs, starting a slow jog he kept running,,,,,,,mile after mile




Rowul was tired, after only 7 miles he was about wore out to the poitn of collapse, not running fast had saved much energy but he couldn't run forever no matter how the jogging speed went. Looking around he jogged back to Daruun and leaned aganist a pole.

"I.....(breathing sounds) Hate...... Running, how do you (breathing sounds) blasted Infantry stand it?"

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