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Zelda: Twilight Princess


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ok, got it for the Wii and just finished it. took me 57 hours all told, the last boss fight itself took me almost an hour :P most of that was figuring out how i was suppose to beat each incarnation.


anyways, this game rocks. the remote and nunchuk feel fairly natural to use, though there are some parts that become insane to do because really, who can keep their hand perfectly still? cause of that i wasn't able to finish all the mini games, actually finished very few of them :P



lets see, about 8 or 9 dungeons each fairly extensive, some are really huge and each will take about 3 hours (at least for me it did)cool plot as well


oh and best of all, you can turn into a wolf! 5 stars alone for that

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Guest Emperor

I saw the review of Xplay and have only heard good things about it. However, I am overall disappointed by what I hear about the Wii. Other than the numbuck, it is not a next gen system and game graphics are not that great.


I would love to play it though and glad someone has the system to defend it.

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