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New from The Netherlands


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Hi! I'm new...again!

Something went wrong with the board so all my posts were gone!

Anyway,I'm from The Netherlands.

I love reading,watching movies,listen to soundtracks,drawing,shopping and surfing on the net.

So far I have read only the first two books of The wheel of time.And I just started the third.

I work fulltime so I don't realy have much time to read,but I have a book with me at all times just in case I do find 15 minutes to myself.


See ya all on the board!!

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Guest Egwene

Thanks for re-posting, Min :P


Yeah, well, this being a WoT site, the odd balefire incident has to be expected *g*


Did we warn you abot spoilers on the book discussion boards? Hmm... well, if not... this is your warning, lol. Check out the info thread for ways to discuss WoT and avoid the spoilers.


Glad you made it back :D

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Welcome, Min! :D Thanks for re-posting your introduction thread. Seems a lot of stuff went poof lately... :(


I hope that you're finding your way around okay! Please feel free to stop by the White Tower Org if you get a chance. It's a wonderful group of people! ;) Definitely stop by the Yellow Ajah, too. Lots of friendly welcoming crazy people in there. ;)


Anyway, hope to see you around the boards sometime! If you have any questions or just want to chat, drop me a line! :D

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Guest Egwene

lol... no, my dutch is good enough to say she didn't call you any names, Empy!


Hi Liesie... I think you'll find a few more people are lurking from your neck of the woods. Necrophorus, Amavia and GiDo are from the Netherlands that I know of... and there was another Newbie recently... but I think his posts got wiped in the crash...


Don't forget to check out the Euromeets board :)

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