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Physical Book Issues during Printing


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Hello guys,


New to the series, and this forum.  I'm working my way through the series for the first time.  Currently on book 13.  Anyway, my question is about printed editions.  I encountered a number of issues in print in my various hard copies that I wanted to ask about.


  1. Misaligned pages, with left/right edges of words into the spine of the book, forcing me to break open the spine to read it.
  2. Off-axis printed pages.  Top and bottom lines not parallel to cut pages
  3. Inconsistent Print contrast, making the book hard to read in some lights.  Some lettering is too thin.
  4. 2 different hues of pages in one of my books.  1/2 of one book is white, while the bottom half is more gray.
  5. My latter volumes missing chapter headings on the top of each page.

Of course, I understand that there are/were different editions/reprints of the series.  What can be done about cases with the above issues?  Thanks in advance.





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