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Illuminators - Cairhein House Needs Project Leads

Guest Matalina


I need a minimum of three project leads. I have five openings but the first three are the most important.


Traditional Arts



Paper Crafts

Wood and Metal Crafts


Photography is being semi-covered by Claire in her capacity as Digital Arts, but photography is so much more than digital and I'd like to have someone who can lead this topic by itself.


We are in a digital age but we cannot forget the traditional arts and I think we can have some interesting coversations with in the Fine Arts/Traditional arts if we have a good lead.


Food is something we can all relate to and I really do think this topic itself deserves a lead.


Paper and Wood/Metal crafts are currently being integrated into the General Crafts and I think we are okay here, but the positions are open for now if anyone is interested.


If you are interested please send me a PM matalina or an email (matalina@gmail.com) and I will give you the full job description but since it's important that you know the basics below is the general description of your job requirements.


1. Post one topic a month

2. "Bump" your thread with quality information even if you have no participation at least once a month. It is important that the information added be quality we aren't looking for you to just get it back to the top but to provide some other source of inspiration so they might participate.


Please email or PM if you are interested in any of these positions. Deadline for apps will be Aug 15. At that point I will stop looking for a short period of time and then begin looking again to fill needed positions.


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