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Photos of my WoT manuscript pages

Guest Jason


You may recall from my JordanCon wrap-up post that one of the goodies I came home with (via the silent auction) was one of The Eye of the World.


When I showed this page to Brandon Sanderson, he went shuffling through a tall stack of papers that was, in fact, the most recent manuscript copy of The Gathering Storm. He found the page he was looking for, pulled it out, and handed it to me. "Don't read this until you read the whole book. But you'll want this page because it goes with the other one."


When I got home, I went to the local custom frame shop and had both pages mounted side by side in a custom matte. The page on the left is from EotW. The page on the right is from TGS. (Although the header still says "AMOL" for "A Memory of Light"; it had not been changed yet to reflect the new title).


Both pages have hand-written editorial comments on it from Harriet. The exception to this is the mark on the EotW page where Robert Jordan made a change in pencil. He changed Ba'alzamon's line from "At last we meet again" to say "Once more we meet again." (Significant change. Get it?)


Anyway, here are some photos. I've had to blur out the TGS page so you can't read the text. Sorry. After the book is published, if somebody reminds me, I'll go and publish the original photo.


Enjoy! (Click each photo for a larger version)

[gallery link=file" orderby="post_name]




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