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Cairhien House of the Illuminators Update

Guest IllOrg


The Illuminators have gone through a big shift in management lately and I'd like to take some time to tell you about the house I lead.


The Cairhien House is the home of all arts and crafts. We cover everything from baking to web design. We have some very active areas and some not so active areas, but we are all creative in our own rights.


We cover some specific topics and some very broad topics. The Cairhein House Crafters currently fall into four categories:


Textile (sewing, costuming, quilting, knitting etc)

Metal and Wood Work

Paper (Scrapbooking, origami, kids crafts, etc)

Food (baking, cooking, cake decorating, table settings, etc)


Our Artists currently cover the following categories:


3D rendering computer art

Digital Manipulation (the art of merging different elements together in a Photo editing software on the computer)

Graphic Arts (Mostly computer oriented art but covering print design as well)


Traditional Arts (painting, drawing, sculpting etc)

Web Design and Development (The art of creating a webpage and all the subpeices of one)


As we are so diverse we also have three on going projects that are always open for anyone to participate in.


The DM Art Gallery - while it is currently not under direct control of the Illuminators, it has been planned to fall to use to improve and advertise our Art Gallery.


The Suras Trading Card Game - this is a collaboration between the writers of Suras and the Artists with in our own house. We are in the process of developing game mechanics and you can participate in the Suras Collaboration Forum.


Signatures - This is a very active part of our Org that many people use on a regular basis. You can make your requests or try to win an auction with in these two public forums. We will be opening up some new resources soon to help those who want to learn but just have no clue where to start. Look for it soon on the Sig Request Board.


As we are so broad we are continually looking for help. Currently we are in need of 6 people to lead the following areas:



Metal and Wood Work



Digital Manipulation

Graphic Arts


The job is relatively simple but it does have some requirements


1. To be able to post once a month with in your topic (resources are being found to help you when you lack the inspiration to create your own topic)

2. You must provide new information to your current montly topic once during the course of the month. This can be in the form of a continued discussion or adding in a new resource you found on the web concerning that topic.


If you are interested in any of these areas please PM or email Matalina (matalina@gmail.com) with your interest.




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