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The True Identity of the Chosen

Guest Aginor


Dear Chosen,

Sammael has already told us his identity in the modern world, who are the rest of you masquerading as?

Johnny Danger


Dear Johnny Danger

Thiago Olson.

No. Really.  Take a look sometime. If you're having trouble finding anything about him, try 'Guy who builds nuclear reactor in his basement'.

I did spend a bit of time as a lab assistant on this project: http://declubz.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/mouse-human-ear.jpg .  It was very entertaining making these fools from this age think they have accomplished something great!  Granted, my Sherry was a bit dry that evening, it doesn't seem like even twisting the success of these 'modern' scientists into what can only be perceived as, and excuse my lack of understanding of modern slang, a fail most epic can even entertain me any longer..

Aside from that, I did have a bit of fun a few years back as a scientific consultant for such modern not-so block busters such as "The Day after Tomorrow" and a stint on the set of "Armageddon".  It’s so much easier to celebrate one's own successes in science when everyone else is struggling along just trying understand 2+2.

Granted, I'd not normally mention the bit about my movie career, but your name struck me... Johnny Danger?  An all brawn, no brain stunt double who's been dropped on his head too many times I presume?



Semirhage: *Throws a mobile phone at Johnny not much Danger*



John Leguizamo.  I'm a princess!  If your puny minds can handle it, here is video: 

Graendal looks GREAT as Patrick Swayze.

~Aran'gar "Not just a boy in a dress" Balthamel


*bats eyelashes*  You're SO hot for me right now.



Just because Sammael's a bit of a moron when it comes to prudence doesn't mean that we all have to follow suit.



Quit hiding behind non conformity and admit the fact is you're brain is too small to make even a worthwhile trolloc Asmodean, much less a double.



Anybody can stick feathers to a person, Aggy.  Only a true genius can bend the unforgiving constant that is noise to their will, creating the only truly beautiful thing in the universe.

Sorry, Lanfear, that's not you.



Oddly enough, by your response Asmodean, you indicate that you should have never have in fact opened your mouth to speak.  Which doesn't surprise me at all given the fact that you regard what I do as 'gluing feathers on', and clearly have no use for a shred of intelligence.



Well, I can't tell you who I was during this little entre that Mr. Jordan's been writing because that will give away my big finish. In this modern age, though, I have to swear you to secrecy. I am going completely against my MO and blowing my cover like this might completely destroy my rep. You see, I go by the name of Nicole. You might recognize me if you've caught my videos on television, since I sing lead for the Pussy Cat Dolls. Now, if you tell anyone, I will have to kill you. Don't say you haven't been warned.



Oh yeah?  Well... well... well, you look funny.



ASMODEAN! I swear I never tested that trolloc business on my self.  Quit spreading rumors.



Okay, Aggy, whatever helps you sleep at night...



Johnny Danger,

From your question, I can tell you are one of my many adoring fans.  I can't believe they took away my Frosted Flakes deal though.  Please feel free to send them a strongly worded letter on my behalf.  Just do not mention my true identity.  (If you are lost, then I suggest you catch up on back issues of the column)



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