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ATC - Spiders, and How to Score with Chicks?!

Guest Moghedien



    that is a nickname you have, but do you actually like spiders, or do you just weave webs?

Also, since you're the best at plotting, even though it doesn't really fall under what people might think you do, what do think is the ideal date for a teen take his friend or possibly more than a friend on.


'Dear" non-conformist,

Firstly, of course I like spiders!  What sort of silly question is that, seeing how my 'proper' name derives from one?!  And how can one not respect and fear a poisonous spider who knows where to hide, and when to strike?  But I guess I shouldn't be surprised by silly questions in such a silly Age as this!

As for your little date... what does this 'friend' of yours like?  What kind of budget are we looking at?  Are you just looking to spend time with this 'friend', or are you looking to actually  (gasp!) connect with them on some deeper level?

Personally, I'd suggest going for an option that is properly ambiguous to your real intentions (if you are like the average male, and only concerned about conquest.  I'm on to your gender!!) that allows you to get to know your target one-on-one.  Perhaps invite this friend out for a coffee, or to play one of those video game things with you.  Give this 'friend' of yours plenty of opportunities to talk about themselves so that you can observe your target and determine whether or not they might possibly return the 'and more' feelings.

Or, you can always chicken out on that and invite them to go out with a bunch of your friends and hope that maybe,  just  maybe, your other friends are perceptive enough to pick up on whether or not this person returns any affection.  I'm sure if you use whatever bit of brain-power you have, you'll figure *something* out.



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