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Ask the Chosen - Why the 3rd Age is better

Guest Rahvin


So, what do you all think of the 'modern world?' Stuff like TV, cars, etc. I understand that the Age of Legends was even more advanced but my curiousity has the better of me since there are plenty of differences.


Sincerely, That one girl not stupid enough to reveal her name so you can refer to her as Shayna.


Dear Shayna:


I know who you are, I know where you live, I know what you do for a living, and I know what you had for breakfast yesterday morning. And that is the beautiful thing about today's technology, your cover as "Shanya" is pitifully weak.


Now, you want to know why the 3rd age, or as you know it, the Age of Legends is better than this modern age of yours.


In some way's, its not. It was much harder to indulge in my every whim back then, with the whole 'Utopian' society thing going on. Its much easier to kill when I'm bored, torture people when Semirhage invites me over, and if I ever wanted to be a lowly teacher like Mesaana, I could jump over to some 3rd world country and teach whatever I wanted, and nobody would care.


HOWEVER, do not thing that your modern age is better than the 3rd age, because its not. Back then nothing cost money, everything was plentiful in supply, you could go to any climate you wanted and not need to watch the weather, though admittedly, the lack of good storms was a downfall to it.


The Chora tree's that lined the streets were nice and relaxing, though it was hard to start riots when everyone was so at peace, the transportation and communications systems were far beyond your own pitiful technology, and the fashions were of a much higher quality. Those fool Aiel never quite figured out just how ugly that little bit of hair tied up at the nape of their neck was though, which was disappointing.


There was actually real progress made in Genetics (sometimes too much, thanks to that fool Aginor), physics, and any number of other sciences as well, rather than fumbling around with cloning or trying to break land speed records. You actually still use wheels on your vehicles, now thats backwards.


There is also one key difference that makes your society today far inferior to my own though, the lack of the one power amongst you all. As I'm sure you are aware, many great things, such as opening the Great Lord's prison were completed with the one power. How can anything in this age compete with that?


I do appreciate being one of the handful who can channel today though, so much simpler when I don't have to compete with anyone else. And those others who can channel certainly don't care about my uses of those so-called 'Illegal Weaves' like Compulsion or Balefire.


But I grow bored of this, and will talk of it no more.




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