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Fiddlesticks Updates

Guest WTOrg


After a short break for Christmas and the New Year, we are getting the games back under way. We are recruiting for newbie mafia, and, of course, any other game anyone cares to share with us.


Here is a teaser of Good Grief's Mafia Moddess debute:


Fiddleton, a quaint, picturesque, lovely little town in quaint, picturesque, lovely surrounds. Fiddleton, where everybody knows everybody and stops for a quick chat in the street. Fiddleton, a town so pleasantly idle that a day can last for days.


Fiddleton, a town with a dark and repetitive history.


“Well I don’t know about young people these days,†grouched an elderly florist as her long-suffering grandson escorted her to the town meeting, “they don’t know how lucky they are. When I was your age we was up our ears in minions of darkness all the time. Could hardly sleep for the screams. But we got up every morning at first light all the same and started clubbing the buggers over the head. Day in, day out it was. And if we was overwhelmed by the hordes of the damned and butchered like cattle, no on complained. We just got on with our lives. But you youngsters, well half of you wouldn’t know the pointy end of a stake from the other! Wouldn’t know - “

“Hush, grandmother, we’re here.â€

The town square lay before them, packed with anxious and curious townsfolk. All eyes were turned towards the historic hanging tree. Craning, the grandson could see the mayor standing on a bench under its sturdy branches to address the crowd.

“... Don’t know who has done this terrible deed,†the mayor was saying, “but I do know that they are crafty. They live among us. They will be quick to exploit our fear and our anger, to turn neighbour against neighbour. Therefore,†and here the mayor paused to glare portentously across the square and the assembled crowd, “mob violence is the only answer!â€

At this, the old folk were seen to nod in approval. This young mayor knew what needed to be done. As a familiar feeling of paranoia settled over the small township, the old florist turned and poked a neighbour in the leg with her walking stick.

“I missed the start,†she croaked, “what’ve we got this time?â€

“The safe money is on werewolves if you ask me. My Alice has ten on ninja-pirate-zombie-robots but I say she’s daft. Oh, and the seer’s dead.â€

The wizened old lady, who had seen many winters and fought off werewolves with her bare hands to protect her prize hydrangeas, closed her eyes and uttered a prayer for guidance: “Oh ----â€


This game will be played without a finder role, but a healer will be present as normal. Now taking sign-ups! I’m looking for about a dozen players total, and no more than two experienced players (or three if I can’t get the numbers any other way ). We’ll start after Christmas once we get the numbers. If you have any questions just ask in this thread. And Happy Holidays!



Any one interested should go here.


Fiddlesticks Moderators


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