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Favorite Childhood Game

Guest Mesaana



Dear Chosen,

What was your favourite game when you were younger? Such as ‘Tag’ or ‘Duck duck goose’?

From Jelly.



To Jelly? (really? Jelly? Congealed excuse for fruit preserves? That’s the best you could do?)


My favorite game when I was younger was pin the tail on the donkey. Before you start thinking this is pretty run of the mill, you have to remember that this was before those ridiculous paper donkeys came into existence. In fact, it wasn’t even called pin the tail on the donkey until I no longer had time to play. It was just called pinning tails. This way, we could use whatever we had handy: horses, donkeys, or the neighbor’s youngest child. Of course, you have to take the tail off the thing before you can pin it back on. Let’s just say the neighbor didn’t like me very much.


I feel the need to revisit my childhood. Care for a game of pin the tail on the kid with the ridiculous name?




PS- Now, go change your name to something less edible. Good luck finding something.




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