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White Tower Org Newsletter for November

Guest WTOrg


White Tower Newsletter

Eight Edition - November 2007


Welcome to the (slightly belated) November Edition of our newsletter! It's a short one this time as yours truly is swamped with work and simply can't be bothered to come up with any fun twists and eloquent phrases. So we'll go directly to business:


There were NO raisings this month. But hopefully Lor should be back soon and things will get back to normal. I am very proud of those of you who are waiting for your raisings. We all realize how frustrating this can be, but hang in there and know that we are all waiting with you.



Elgee Sedai - Delenn Sedai - souvra'dar

Taymist Sedai - Mystica Sedai - souvra'dar

Novices Nephitess, Damane and Mayleigh - souvra'dar




Silver was awarded the White Ajah's Pearl Award

Paetric also announced the new Warder Discipline names and new Commanders. Go to http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,23340.0.html for more information.


Christmas is also coming, and you should all be on the lookout for various things happening in correspondence with this. The Browns have already posted the sign-ups for their baked goods exchange. There should also be a Christmas card exchange in the making, plus various other fun filled things. Stay tuned.


Until next time –


Walk in the Light

Maria Sedai

Keeper of the Chronicles

Editor of the White Tower Newsletter


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