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ATC - How Bored are You, Really?

Guest Moghedien


When choosing a figurehead leader, what are the necessary traits for smooth



Bored in Texas


Firstly, I'm not even sure if I should help you. Your lack of reverence for us on high is appalling. However, I'm bored enough to consider answering your equally boring question.


Also, are you referring to your personal (lack of) traits, or the traits of just the figurehead?


I surmise that you are one of those terribly boring moral sorts, as well as probably unable to channel. That means that you yourself will need to resort to one of three things in order to control your figurehead - force, sex, or money. Which, of course, indicates to even simple minds such as yours that you will need someone who is controlled by one (or more) of the aforementioned.


Are you a strong enough person? Are you a rich enough person? Or are you properly lacking in morals and able to consider the physical route?


As for your figurehead... you will need someone who is charismatic, but dull-witted. Once again, that should be completely evident. They must be easily influenced by yourself and your proxies, but not others. I would recommend having yourself on-hand most times to prevent others from swaying your mark. Failing that, you can use lackeys that you perhaps have a modicum of trust for... whatever trust is.


Regardless? When you're bored, you're boring. Perhaps you should go and watch for possible candidates for a possible figurehead, or go play one of those computer games I hear so much about. Either way, that's all you're getting out of me, bored and boring person.


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