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Do Chosen dream?

Guest Sammael


Tell me my dear chosen, to any whom should chose to answer. What sort of dreams do you have at night? I'm sure they aren't all about subjugating Lews Therin or making a new Ballad worthy of note. I would be interested in hearing from more than just one of you, and Balthamel in particular.


Your's in evilness,


The Crazy Dog with the Syringe in his Mouth


Dear Barmy,


First let me say on behalf of all the Chosen that your Siggy is very disturbing especially with that top hat. We just do not get it. Are you trying make your psycho dog friendlier looking? We would suggest losing the syringe.


As to your question. First off Balthamel slumbers and therefore will not be answering your question. Well we all know that the female Chosen (and Asmo) dream of me at night. I really can not help that I look this good and are subject to their fantasies. *flexes*


As to what I dream about. I have this reoccuring dream that The Great Lord is Bob Barker and The Bore is hosting a Price is Right Game. I am waiting in the audience wearing my costume (hint, it is frilly) and finally the announcer says "Sammael, come on down". I jump up and shriek in excitement and push people down as I get to the aisle and jog down to try to guess the price. Then the Great Lord that looks like Bob Barker morphs into Drew Carey and I wake up. You know, it is as if I suddenly did not care about the dream anymore and changed the channel.


What? So I watch the Price is Right every so often...




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