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New Signature and Avatar Policy for the Forums

Guest WTOrg


Since we've moved to the new forums, we've been thinking about changing the signature and avatar policy. Many of you have requested the ability to display larger pictures with your posts. While we aren't able to make things as big as some of you would like, we are going to give you a bit more room to play in.


First, a couple of notes about how we use signatures and avatars at Dragonmount. Avatars at Dragonmount are traditionally a place to display an earned rank, either in the RP or in an Org. Those you who are old school DMers will remember those nifty little post icons you could select to go with your posts and how there was always one that was your rank in the Org you were a member of. Since we started using third party built message boards (meaning, we use a free, downloaded message board software, rather than one some bored programmer created for us, then went crazy trying to patch in his spare time for us) we haven't had this ability. So the avatar slot is meant to replace that rank icon.


We understand that it's become trendy at many sites to use your avatar as your "face" and use some sort picture of a person there. While we don't mind you doing that sort of thing, it's not really what we expect you to do. But it's your space and you can use it however you wish, so long as it's appropriate.


Signatures are meant to add detail. Since many of us are members of multiple Orgs, the RP and like to list relationships such as Ajahs, Paths, bondings, etc. we wanted to give you a place to list those. Not all of them, mind you. But a reasonable number. Animated signatures and avatars are allowed, so long as I don't find them distracting. And I'll warn you, I have a diagnosis of ADHD. I get distracted VERY easily. But it hasn't yet been a problem and I don't think it will become one.


Alright, onto the new guidelines.


Avatars can now by 100 X 100 pixels in size. This is an increase from the old 80 X 80 that was allowed previously. We have an option on the forums that will force your avatar to fit this size, so if your avatar looks "funny", that's probably why. This is easier on me than trying to police avatar sizes manually.


Signatures can now by 500 pixels wide by 125 pixels. This is an increase from the 500 X 100 rule we had before. This is significantly larger than what most large WoT fansites allow, and is also quite a bit larger than what is considered standard for forums of our size. In other words, don't ask for bigger, because it ain't happening.


In addition to your signature block, you may display up to two lines of text. And yes, a return carriage counts as a space. Tighten those up.


If you chose not to use a graphic, you may use up to six lines of text.





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