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The Very Best Christmas Present Ever

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Guest Robert Jordan


This is a very short post, I'm afraid. I know it's been awhile since I posted last, but various things kept getting in the way. Still, here goes, with the best Christmas present I've ever received. Something I had to share without any delay.


As you all no doubt know by now, the marker for amyloids is something called Lambda Light Chains, which are found in the blood. The normal range is between 1 and 3. Five months ago, I was at 75. Four months ago, that had gone up to 96. The higher the LLC number, the worse for you. So I wasn't doing so hot.


This morning the Mayo gave me my most recent LLC number. 3.14!!!! No, that isn't a typo. 3.14!!! I'm on the brink of normal. Something I never thought I'd say about myself in any regard, frankly. I've got Liston the ropes, guys, and I really believe that your prayers and well-wishes have helped put him there. Now I just have to put him on the canvas. This isn't a cure, and I'm not even sure whether it will count as remission, but it means I'm still on my feet and will be for a while yet. 3.14! Hot damn!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody.


I'll talk to you again after the 1st.



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Recommended Comments

A Wonderful Christmas present!! I hope your health keeps increasing on that note. I hope you will live to finish the books. I know this sounds selfish, but its really a complement to you saying that i am a WoT fanatic. Oh, and btw, is there a book on the Karaethon Cycle? That'd be really cool. Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I hope you live for many fruitful and healthy years!!!!!

Your fan,


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What wonderful news! Keep on improving and keep laughing. Here's wishing you and Harriet the most healthy and happy 2007! Keeping you in thought and prayers. Best wishes for a full recovery.


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Best wishes and good fortune (and especially HEALTH!) for the New Year, Mr. Jordan and Family. My own family and I have been enjoying your story for many years now, (I re-read the whole thing each time a new volume is released), and I wanted you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I first heard of your illness in November, when I was checking your website for news on the books. Miracles do happen every day. My own father was diagnosed with metastasized prostate cancer a year and a half ago. He was given six months to live. We just celebrated the New Year together today, and his doctors say he is in better over all health now than at the time of his diagnosis 18 months ago. I wanted to share this with you to let you know that even when there is no "cure", the story still may go on. And speaking of stories, my brother and I had been trying to get our father to read Wheel of Time for years, but he never had "time". Now, however, he has read the whole thing and it brought him many hours of enjoyment. Thank you. And God Bless.

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That are really great news. Congratulations. I wish you all the best and much luck for 2007.

Best wishes from Austria/Europe.

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RJ and Harriet

Outstanding count 3.14 ... OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!

Keep the smile in your heart and a chuckle on your lips.

OUTSTANDING !!!!!! I'm sure your holidays were filled with love and laughter.

My prayers and thoughts are with you both always,

Godspeed RJ. Kel

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I thank the light for the news. May this fortune and your never yielding attitude join you in loves embrace for 2007.


I am sure you have heard this a million times but I just... need to say thank you.

The Wheel of Time is truly the greatest tale ever told by the greatest author ever known.

I started reading the series around July and have subsequently lost my girlfriend and my goldfish. Which I consider a worthwhile sacrifice.


I have fallen in love with the characters , shared there joy and wept with them.

I have walked the passages of the White Tower.

I have woken from dreams of battle , murmuring Taishar Manetheren.

I have lived in the world that you created.


And I thank you for giving me and thousands of others this opportunity.


Blessed Be

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Upper Cut, Upper Cut, Boddy Blow, Body Blow! Woohoo. Liston is looking shaky on his feet, lets hope he stays down for the 10.

I hope that you have found shade and I hope that you have found water.

May this gift to you be a herald to what the New year brings to you and Harriet.

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I've been a fan of yours since the 10th grade, when i was first introduced to the eye of the world (this was in 1994...) so it's been a while and i've done a lot of growing with you, gone through several copies of the tor paperbacks ;-) and though i've never met you or even talked to you i consider you a friend, and am grateful to know your name.

I've have been reading your blog and following the progress of your treatment and i'm very glad to hear that you're returning to your normal, much more hale self. though i can't say i've been where you are, i CAN say that i empathize with the unsettling feeling that uncertainty can bring and i think that your steadfast refusal to bend, even a little bit, is a great testament to a part of the human character that everyone can learn from and draw strength from.


people like us learn about life and ourselves and gain strength from people like who share their experiences, emotions, morals, and trivialities, so again i say to you, thank you, and cut liston a good one across the jaw. he deserves it, the bastard. stay well, and rejoice in life.


chris mead.

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I realize I must be a little late in posting here, but I just want you to know that I am overjoyed to hear the good news. You have been on my heart and in my prayers and truly I feel tears welling at the news. I am still a relative newcomer to your stories, I am reading "A Crown of Swords" now. In October I was reading "The Great Hunt" if that gives you any indication of just how absorbed with this these adventures I have been. I'm a musician and having the good fortune of living and recording my first album at an amazing studio in Florida. Basically, if I'm not recording or writing, I'm on this wonderful journey that you have brough to life...Thank You!!! and I know you'll put Liston on his ass


-Dan Kincaid

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I am so happy on many levels. Being a nurse working in clinical trials (oncology), it is an exciting validation of the work I do. Being a huge and dedicated fan, it is a re-energized hope. And being a Christian, it is a great testimony to answered prayer.


Woo hoo!!

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Greetings again! I just got back from the oncologist. Instead of putting me on any new medication, he decided to wait and see how the radiation did. Since the old chemo, velcade/dex/thalidomide, didn't work on the the one active cancer site, he didn't see any reason to continue it. Hurray! Maybe the new year will bring good news for us all. Prayers to you and yours as always.

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I am heartened to hear your good news.


Does this also mean that you are feeling better as well? I hope that each day brings new strength to you and your remarkable wife.


All my best,


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Greetings, Mr. Jordan


I've been a fan for years-- I can still remember wandering around the library, having this new arrival called "Lord of Chaos" catch my eye, and deciding to see what the series was all about-- but this is the first time I've written. I'm now a third year medical student, and when I first heard about your diagnosis a few months ago, I feared the worst.


This most recent news, while very much exciting, is no longer a surprise to me, as strange as it sounds. Even so early in my medical training, I have come to realize how much of medicine is out of the hands of the professionals, and how much power patients have to forge their own outcomes in many situations. On that side, you have everything right: a loving family, strong determination, a fierce attitude, and dedicated support from people all around you. You have plans, goals, knowledge of your situation, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to walk away from this, victorious.


Essentially, I wanted to congratulate you on your success, and I wanted to wish you the best of luck in your future battles. I have seen many patients now in situations somewhat like yours, and I know that it is not easy or pleasant to go through this. The "cure" is a brutal test of stamina, willpower, and patience. But, from reading what you have written here, I can tell that you will fight, and you will win. My thoughts and prayers will stay with you. Feel welcome to contact me if you ever need anything (I hope you can grab e-mail addresses from this).


Best regards,


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You have really proven to the world the strength of faith and determination.


Best wishes. I wish you a great year full of good news.

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Great news from my favorite author! I'll be praying that the good news continues! Happy New Year and God bless you and your lovely wife!

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WOO HOO, such great news. I read your blog every now and then to see how you and Harriet are faring but have never posted, but this definitely deserves a first post. I am cheering all the way from Australia for you both. All my best wishes to you and Harriet for a safe, healthy and happy 2007.

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Praise God!!!

I've JUST become a diehard fan after finding your first book on a fundraising sale table for Juveline Diabetes in October. Bought my 14-yo nephew a set of your first three books for Hannukah (might as well start 'em young). Am almost done with book 4 and can't wait to finish the series.

FINE work you do, absolutely FINE!!!


Hey, what is RAOF?

Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family!!

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Guest Philippe from France


I hope you're aware that you have many fans all other the world and we really care for you.


I am very happy to hear the great news about your LLC number going down to "pi" and I wish you many more great news for 2007.


Bonne année et Bonne Santé!

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Hi Jim,


So glad to hear of your awesome news. It's great to know that you are making such super headway in your battle against amyloidosis, and finishing such a rough year and starting a new one on such a positive note. May 2007 bring you better and better news!


Roger Artagnan


P.S. to Arlene, and your question "Hey, what is RAOF?". If you meant to type RAFO it means Read And Find Out.

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