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Thinking About JordanCon?

Guest Kathana



The second annual JordanCon is this weekend! You can watch me freak out in real time on the @Dragonmount Twitter feed!


Here's more information from the lovely Padra, JordanCon's publicist:


Have you ever wondered exactly how Thom Merrilin performed all those juggling tricks? Or speculated on what a sword fight between blademasters would have looked like? Have you spent a lot of time contemplating the tiganza (admit it, you have)? Or maybe you’ve just been dying for the inside scoop on what’s next for your favorite characters. Then don’t miss this year’s JordanCon. The SeanCon Invasion is only a few days away, but we’ve still got a spot saved just for you!


JordanCon II will bring The Wheel of Time series to life through demonstrations and workshops by leaders in the WoT community, as well as by experts in the arts we have seen in the world of the Wheel. The Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) will lead workshops on everything from costuming to fencing to 17th century English dance lessons. Jendayi Bellydance of Atlanta will teach you a few moves of tiganza-inspired belly dancing. And Thom would be so proud that we are hosting lessons from the Atlanta Juggling Association. You’ll also be able to craft your own Aes Sedai shawl (check the schedule at ageoflegends.net for pre-registration info/requirements on the shawl sewing workshop).


You can also hear firsthand about what is coming up for The Wheel of Time, discuss the latest theories, show off your trivia knowledge, and compete in the costume contest. And for you many Seanchan fans, we’re having a special Seanchan-themed costume contest at our Seanchan Homecoming Ball.


For our aspiring writers, we have a full writers workshop track this year led by authors Brandon Sanderson, David Wong (John Dies at the End), Jana Oliver (Time Rovers series), and editor guru Harriet McDougal. They will share how to write a book from start to finish, explain the editing and publishing processes, and share a few tricks for promoting your book.


And of course there’s the gaming, the guest panels with Team Jordan, the charity poker tournament, the filking, the WoT interpretive dance (you heard me), the parties, the book signings, and the general sense of extreme happiness from being surrounded by all things WoT for an entire weekend.


So get your Traveling gear ready to go to Atlanta this weekend, April 23-25, 2010, at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia. For more information, visit www.ageoflegends.net.


--Padra, JordanCon Marketing





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