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Forum Maintainance

Guest Kevin Dean


I, once again, am going to attempt to address the rising amount of spam on the DM forums.


Tonight I will be locking the forums to prevent changes while I am working. The process is going to be fairly involved, and will require about an hour to complete. When the forums come back online, there will be a few small things that people will see different, but there will be a whole slew of tool that the Administrators will have to deal with spam. Some of the "behind the scenes" changes will also make Dragonmount a much less attractive target for spammers. More info will be added here after everything is complete. I thank you in advance for your patience.


[uPDATE: This id done now, the forums should now be operating again. The maintainance took three and a half hours, not the one I was expecting. Oh well. :)


The biggest change for new members will be that "extra" fields such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo and website links will not be availible until you have posted at least 5 times on the forum. Once that number of posts is reached, these options will appear in your profile and can be filled out as you see fit.


This isn't a policy change, it's an anti-spam measure. Spammers register automatically using scripts for the sole purpose of having their website link appear on the Memberlist. Now, in order to GET on that memberlist, you have to post 5 times. There's much less incentive for spammers. We're not such an easy hit now. Mwahahaha!


The admin now have quicker ways to delete spam posts and ban spamers.


The captcha (the numbers you put in when you register) is now stronger.


And a few other little perks. :)


If you experience any problems with the forums, please send an e-mail to help@dragonmount.com


Thanks again! ]


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