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  1. Haven't been around much and always been more of a "lurker" and boy this place has changed! Good stuff. I was never very active but nice to see with the advent of the show things have really picked up. My question or rather my major concern is this: Anyone worried this will turn out to be an MTV pop style prepubescent piece of... well I won't say it. To be honest I've stayed away from looking up too much about it but from what little I have seen I'm a little concerned. The reason for this is my recent watching (or attempt to do so) of the Shannara show that came out a few short years ago. Which has been..well.. look at the MTV comment above. I'm trying to go through it and it does has its moments.. I do understand younger people may have read the books and kudos to them. Shows do tend to try capture the "younger" audience sometimes but I'm just approaching this from my perspective of being in my early 40's now and becoming a fuddy duddy and hoping the showrunners don't overdo it in this regard. Ideas?
  2. Yup going through again as well. Almost finished The Fires of Heaven (screw abbreviations they're getting on my nerves) Don't think I'll be finished the series before the new one is released but that's fine, I can wait.
  3. Pretty sure it's assumed She is Lanfear. awesome, thanks Bub. After reading more and as a result remembering more I was leaning towards her as well. I can't remember exactly where but the waste rings a bell when she assumes a certain form with that trader. Can't remember the name but thanks (starts with a K???, y'all know the one) it sparked a lot of stuff. Can't wait to finish the series again. My memory is horrible. Almost finished TDR, I'm on vacation (at home for a week) and have almost finished it already just on my 4th day, been doing little else. Think I'm addicted or something :P Thanks again!!!!
  4. Hi there! I have a simple question to ask!!! I'm re-reading the novels right now in anticipation of the 14th book and I'm on the 3rd book The Dragon Reborn circa chapter 24 I think it was. It's amazing how much I've forgotten and just how far reaching things are from the first couple of novels. Anyhow I'm at the part where Egwene first uses the ring and enters the dream world and wanted to know who Sylvie is - the old ugly woman who appears that tells her a few things and boots her out. At first I thought it may have been Verin helping out a little and then I seemed to remember that either Lanfear or Moghedien have appeared as an ugly old woman. As I said I've forgotten a lot. A little help please!!!! Thanx!!!
  5. WOW, this book just kicks ass. one of my favorite qoutes would probably have to be from Verin, "your dress is green" I could almost picture Egwenes face after she said that. Magnificent. The part where the townsfolk went nuts at night was pretty cool too, reminds me of that old Star Trek episode, you know the one. And Egwene taking charge and kicking the snot out of the Seanchan. This dude did a superb job, read the book in 3 days gonna let it sit for week and go through it again.
  6. The man who calls himself Bors saw at least one Seafolk person at the DF social in tGH prologue. whoops, you're right, forgot about that one. Someone mentioned Sheriam, hasn't it been revealed that she is a DF?? I'll try and find out where it was mentioned.
  7. Olver. Yup. I'm pretty sure he's just who he is supposed to be. But when he first came into it I thought it was pretty good timing to slip a darkfriend beside Matt. I guess kids could be darkfriends too. I just thought it would be pretty cool if it turned out that way - it would definitely send everyone for a loop. I think Verin and Cadsuane are on Rands side. I've always thought there was something fishy about Noal but time well tell on that one. Davram is good I think as well as Alanna. Logain is a bit iffy too - I think he's on Rands side but you never know. I don't think he's in the dark ones camp, I just think he's waiting to seize some power after everythings done. I've always felt Lelaine was a bit iffy too. And I've been wondering if we will see any darkfriend seafolk, as far as I know not a single one has been introduced as evil, just arrogantly annoying so far.
  8. I think it was Ishy too. Wasn't there standing orders at the time not to kill Rand? To be honest though at first I thought it might somehow be the next Dragon from the next age and that past present and future can connect. Not just the past dragon and Rand, but that was just stupid. Then I thought maybe the creator. Nope I thought to myself that would be dumb too. I even considered the Dark one himself being able to manifest itself briefly. But yeah in the end I think Moridin is the answer. I could be wrong though...
  9. I never even really thought of any house signs or anything just the fact of all the crap between Faile and Berelain concerning Perrin for what? 3/4 of the series?
  10. Moiraine is pretty cool I actually name characters after her in rpgs and the such. I think, despite her cool detachment to everything and her devotion to her cause - she actually came to like some of the Emonds Field folk. Except maybe Rand, for some reason I got the idea she just didn't like him. Not because of any world shattering thing, just as a person. Actually it's an even tie between her and Verin nowadays. Verin is the shnizzle. Oh and Bela :D
  11. I always thought that a Graendal and Elayne matchup could happen. Elayne is supposed to be quite beautiful not to mention a queen now. So Graendal might actually come after her whether as a personal quest to make her a pretty or under orders to take her down. I don't think Elayne could match her in strength of course, but that doesn't mean she can't win, especially if Birgitte is with her and possibly Avhienda. I also think Nyn will ultimately deal with Moghedien just because of their past encounters. Egwene I think will end up dealing with Messana I think, or else Pevara and her group will find her and deal with it during their hund for black ajah. But I always thought of Egwene and Nyn as being at least slightly Tavaren being from Emonds field and all, considering some the situations they've been dumped into (and Elayne too) so Egwene may end up dealing with Messana because of this (when she overthrows Elaida of course!!)
  12. wow thats alot to read through and will alter my post by the time I'm finished reading this thread of course :D I've gone through the first couple of pages and would just like to offer my opinions so far. I think Taim is is Taim. There's nothing to say that new people can't be "chosen" I think Taim is one of these. A new Forsaken. Demandred is - beleive it or not one of my favorite characters, originally because his name is so close to my real name. But I think he's the one who will ultimately become Nae'Blis and take over Ishamaels position. Every other AOL Forsaken I think will die, and all the others will be new. I've always thought that Ish was from the previous age (before the age of legends) and that 'one' always makes it to the next age after (if that makes sense) And I don't beleive the D man masquerades as anyone else, I just think he's too cool for that. And yes I'm a noob. ;D And as I said I will alter this a bit as I view other posts in this thread, I'm pretty objective so I will of course concede to certain points, natch.
  13. I chose the option of her being freed of the oaths. She seemed to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to terangreal and the sort (until Elayne of course) and always just sorta figured she somehow freed herself. Maybe they always have one aes sedai who is freed for certain things, meh I don't know, maybe the next book will clear this up.
  14. Hi everyone, just joined up. I'm looking forward to discussing my favorite books with all of you. None of my friends have read them despite my efforts to get them to do so. I first read the eye of the world and the great hunt which I got as a present about 5 years ago. I wasn't too big on it in the beggining, but I decided to get the dragon reborn after and was hooked with that installment. I've since read through the series 5 or 6 times now (with a new appreciation for the first two) and just can't believe all the things that are hinted about that don't come into play sometimes much later on. Not to mention all of characters. definately some of the best books I've ever read. Cheers.
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