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  1. Wooooweeeeewoooo...thats cool! I see really well for some reason :P
  2. Happy Birthday DM...now to see if I have any of Mat Cauthon's luck in winning this. Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
  3. Interesting, did not know the tidbit about it being a triolgy. Don't worry I know my way around spoilers. I was spoiled on books so much in the past i learned how to avoid them. I had a guy once just sit there and tell me that a major character died in one of the books I was reading, and I wasnt even past the second chapter. Never understood why he did that. Well I'm glad sword will not completely disappear. I better start reading.
  4. I'm just now starting CoS (Book 7) so not spoilers from this book on please, thanks. And for those just starting WoT, there might be a few minor spoilers...just a warning. I remember back in the first few books, one of the unique things about Rand was the heron mark and his sword fighting. He would always practice swords and the different stances. To me it seemed like one of his unique talents, something that made him special. But the past couple books have nothing to do with that at all, as if it faded out. Yes, Rand can manipulate things and use the One Power, but I figured the sword fighting and heron would at least still be a part of his life, even if it was a small part. It almost like RJ decided to kick the idea of it all together. I just dont understand, is there a reason it faded out? Does it come back later? (If you answer this question just say yes or no, like I said no spoilers from CoS and beyond...just a simple question that can be answered with a yes or no. I'll read to find out the rest, I'm just curious.) I liked that part of Rand, mainly because I like anything that has to do with swords...but I do miss it.
  5. I'm only on book 7 but none of this is spoiler to me...it mentions things but I have no idea what you even talking about....so don't worry too much about it. That is now how I picture Egewen...but truth is I like this picture of her better than my mental picture. :P Are there gonna be more? I think its been a week so is this it or more to come? See I have an idea of which I might want...but i don't wanna choose it and then see one come out the next day and change my banner again. I want to see them all and then pick the one I want, so I was just wondering.
  6. you know I cant remember lol something to do with me searchng google for anime

  7. Moose I must ask...what is your awesome avatar a picture of?

  8. Hahaha yeah I can be.... The rest of the time I'm just random, quirky, and enthusiastic!!! :P

  9. Whoa Aiel Heart your so deep! Thats good, I can get deep too...thought I was the only one! hehehe. Glad you recognize the beauty of nature, here on earth and out in the universe.

  10. *ernova phase. We're made from them :)

    Sorry didn't realize I'd run out of space :P

  11. Just has always been a thing of mine. I don't know all of the constellations and such like some people do, but I've always just felt so free when looking at them. When I see a star, something in my heart echoes. Hahaha, which makes sense I suppose, seeing that all every naturally occurring element but Hydrogen and Helium was made either in fusion inside a star or during a star's sup...

  12. It seems that in that past few days on here I have found out your love of starts and star gazing...thats cool...can I ask you how this love for stars came about?

  13. I am reading LoC at the moment and having trouble because I've been busy but I have now devoted more time to it...thing is I'm a little fuzzy on the last five books. Anyone know a place I can go to get a good recap summery of stuff that happened in the first five books?? Thanks
  14. These are hilarious keep them coming!! I love the healing one it's the perfect position and the darkhound is funny too.
  15. If only RJ were still alive, I believe he could answer so many questions, expecially about all this. Could he have made it repetitive for a reason?? Why is there the battle of the sexes in all his books?? And many more. I just finished the fifth book and now I am starting to notice small things being repeated, but I guess I like the series to much to let it bother me, either that or I'm just good at ignoring things.....But like I said as far as the main plot each book is different in it's own way...at least that's how I see it.
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