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  1. From the album: Noms

  2. ^ bwahahaha! Have at em! In December, I made 112 little squares (3 cheesecakes cut up!), and brought 96 pieces to work. I need to make another one soon... I don't mind sharing. They're soooo yummy.
  3. That must be the best thing on the planet!! Chocolate graham cracker crust, reese's cups, peanut butter cheesecake, and top it all off with reese's peanut butter ganache and then some chocolate drizzle. BECAUSE YES!!! P.S. This is the pic, guise. You wouldn't believe how long it took for me to find that stupid image URL.
  4. The man pointed to his massive cabbage fields on the other side of his farm, far away from all of the Trollocs. He smiled and said, "okay, baaaiiiiii" before running off The Mother looked around and figured she could just keep burning up Novices...
  5. Not noticing the weird love scene going on far off, Mother grabbed a group of novices and forced them into a circle with a trick she learned ages ago. She sent a massive fireball that knocked out 10 Trollocs at once. She turned around to a bright flash behind her and saw all of the Novices she forced into a circle go up in flames. Welp, looks like they weren't ripe enough.
  6. Terry heard some guttural sounds coming from afar and shouted for everyone to stop. The novices and nobles alike looked at him with fear. Even some young Warders popped up out of the ground on tense alert, already ripe and prepared to train. The beautiful lady - who had been telling girls to call her Mother - turned sharply to him and raised and eyebrow. Somehow, without any other movement, she struck terror into his heart. He just raised his hand and pointed toward the Trollocs...
  7. https://instagram.com/p/BNxSNPoBDQo/ I'm bringing these delicious treats!
  8. "I don't think I can even get the Dragon Reborn here; what do you mean you want Rand?!" He was flabbergasted and didn't know what to do, trying to keep an accurate tally of the Novices as the lady pulled them up. Hopefully she wouldn't find the field of sweets; he knew how much she liked her candy.
  9. Elgee will let you know that my wisdom is boundless and you should always listen to me.
  10. *sees the Mother and comes up to hug her, leaving oddly perfect glittery handprints on her bum* How do you like it?! I think Dar bedazzled your pot of kaf...
  11. You underestimate his power! My avatar isn't a monkey for no reason!
  12. *looks out window* There be another open window I can grab as I slide down, Dar. *comes back and slowly peels Dar off of the now wet glue* Gonna be a hell of a hair wash...
  13. HHHHHEP! *sneaks along the side of the room blending in with the glitter*
  14. Bae! *smacks a paintbrush against Fnor's chest* Get to painting. Dar, don't worry, we'll just peel you off the glue... In the meantime, someone grab Dar some food and help feed her. And maybe a bucket... Oh dear, some Novice is going to be having fun soon, I suspect.
  15. Oooo yes. She told me one time, while trying to seduce me with lots of wine, that she liked shiny gifts!
  16. Ah, yes! Human Trash, welcome. Yanno, another man's trash is another man's treasure. Or woman. I guess, depending on your preferences. *puts glitter over the glue TheHu is laying down* Mother is gonna LOVE this!
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