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  1. Biography: Name: Erza Age: 44 Place of birth: Cold Rocks Hold Physical: Erza is 5’8, athletic and well muscled. Her hair is fiery red that she has allowed to grow out ever since leaving the Maidens. Her skin is fair and she has blue eyes, like many Aiel. Her face can be best described as fierce and intimidating. Mental & Emotional: At her core, Erza is a typical maiden; sarcastic, cynical, fun-loving, and able to switch to being serious at a moments notice. She protects her friends and allies at any cost, and will not hesitate to throw herself into harms way for any of them. However, learning the truth of the Aiel’s past affected her greatly. She became solitary, joyless, and distant to everyone. Finding her new purpose has allowed her to begin to overcome this. Character History: · When the news spread about who the Aiel really were, many Aiel couldn’t handle it. Although women tended to fair better with the news than men did, they were not wholly immune, and neither was Erza. She was a very young Maiden of the Spear, only 17 when the news reached her. She had been in only a handful of battles, the largest being assault on the Stone of Tear. Of course, that one turned out to be her last. · To Erza, honor and toh were everything. Her father was a Red Shield and her mother was a Wise One, and she had had the ideals of the Aiel instilled in her from the moment she could talk. To learn that she, along with every Aiel in existence, was an oathbreaker was beyond her ability to handle. · She wanted to, and she tried very hard to stay with her sisters. She asked the older ones for guidance on how they dealt with it. She tried to throw herself into their new duty to carry the honor of the car’acarn. But it wasn’t enough. · When they reached Cairhien, she almost slit her own throat but was stopped by her sisters. They persuaded her to stay, citing that they had new oaths and new obligations to see through, and those were to protect the car’a’carn. And so she stayed; she fought the Shaido Aiel at Cairhien, and then again at Dumai Wells, helping to save the car’a’carn in the process. · But it wasn’t meant to be. Her heart just wasn’t in it anymore. After seeing so much destruction and gore caused by Asha’men against the Shaido, enough to unnerve even the most hardened of Aiel, Erza gave up. She dropped her spears unceremoniously and disappeared into the fog of war, never to be seen by her fellow Maidens again. She was Aiel no longer. · After wandering around living off the land, Erza eventually found her way to Tar Valon. There was something about the city of the Aes Sedai that drew her in. The Aes Sedai were the ones that gave her people their oaths to begin with, and maybe, she thought, just maybe there might be salvation in serving them again. · And so she walked through the gates, wearing a dress gifted to her by a farmers wife a few weeks earlier over her the tight leggings and top that had made up the small clothes of her candin’sor, and up to the Tower. The sight of a lone fiery haired woman was enough to raise some eyebrows, but not cause any alarm as she made her way towards the sound of steel and wood clanging against one another. · Arriving in the Warder training yard, she looked down and there laid a common iron sword, left there by one of the trainees, likely. · I was forbidden from taking a sword in defense of my own life. She thought to herself as her hand reached toward it and grasped the blade at the hilt. · But perhaps a sword of the Aes Sedai may yet find redemption. Sometime after they fled the Tower's destruction, they discovered that she could be taught to channel. Alexa taught her ever since, but she had embraced her role as Gaidin and did not wish to formally become an Aes Sedai, as her purpose was to protect Aes Sedai. Character Reputation: She is certainly odd amongst the Gaidin, being the one and only woman who trained with them before the founding of Merrilor. Yet doubters did not last long, as she quickly proved to be more than capable of handling herself in combat. So fascinated by her the Master of Arms was that he let her stay and train for free. She eventually became known through rumors as that red-haired female warder. Connections: (optional) Erza knows some Maidens of the Spear, but has forfeited all connections as of The Bleakness. After the Tower was made whole, she befriended Alexa Kaden and became her companion, and eventually her Warder. Character Goals: (optional) Only one, and that is to protect Aes Sedai, most importantly Alexa. Group: Aiel - Channeler Special Requests: I am intending her to be a companion character with Alexa, I will roleplay them both together. Her strength in the One Power would be the same as Alexa's, 15+, with no talents. I would be assigning her a 7 in Swords and 3 in Spears.
  2. Name: Alexa Kaden Age: 46 years old Place of birth: Ebou Dar, raised in White Bridge. Physical: Alexa is Altaran on her mother’s side, and Andoran on her father’s. The allowed her to inherit a beautiful dirty blonde hair color not normally found where she was born. She is 5’6, wears her hair down to her shoulder blades, and has a slender figure. Her eyes are hazel. She known for being very pretty, and has a “luxurious smile.” Mental & Emotional: Alexa had an upbeat, jubilant personality for much of her younger life. She tried to enjoy life to the best of her ability, and did her best to not dwell on the negative aspects. She was able to carry this type of outlook forward into being a Novice with the Salidar group, and later the White Tower. After the White Tower's destruction, she outlook on life began to dim a bit, as expected. But as long as she had Erza by her side, she never spent too much time dwelling in despair. When one talks to her, they may notice that she is quick connect with them and make them feel comfortable. Character History: · Alexa was raised in Whitebridge by her parents; her father is a captain of a fishing boat while her mother is a dressmaker. While making periodic deliveries to Ebou Dar, her father eventually met and befriended her mother, who took a liking to him as well. After a few “dates” as we would call them in the real world, her mother decided to claim him in typical Ebou Daran fashion, but to the shock of everyone who knew them, took his last name. While initially they stayed in Ebou Dar, after having Alexa they decided to move back to her father’s hometown of Whitebridge due to the relative danger of living in the Altaran city. · Alexa grew up taking after her mother more than her father. She adopted Ebou Daran fashion since she was a little girl, which scandalized the neighbors to no end, and made all of her clothes with her mother. She trained with knives and got to where she could throw them accurately at 100 paces. · Her father would also take her with him on his trips to various towns and cities that he sailed to. She learned various sailing-related skills and enjoyed the water, but never enough to want to spend her life on a boat. · When she was 19, she was found by a delegation from the Salidar Aes Sedai searching for women who can channel, and it was discovered that she had the spark. She was thrilled, and her parents had no ill-feelings towards Aes Sedai, and were happy that she was going to become someone so important. She became a novice in Salidar, and eventually travelled with them and witnessed the Siege of Tar Valon and the reintegration of the White Tower. During the Last Battle she, like all the other novices, were kept in the White Tower away from the fighting. · Alexa was raised to Accepted after the Last Battle, partly due to the Aes Sedai attempting to replenish their numbers, and also partly due to her being a fast learner. After the White Tower's destruction, she set out with her friend Erza, determined to eventually reach the rank of Aes Sedai, which eventually she did in Merrilor. Character Reputation: In Whitebridge, Alexa was a bit of an oddity. She was into things like sailing, daggers, and dressed in a fashion that Andoran girls just were and did not. A couple of times when she was younger and the other girls tried to copy her by pinning their skirt up to show their legs, their mothers got quite irritated. But Alexa never let it get to her, she was proud of both of her heritages; and she also noted that that never stopped the women from ordering dresses from her mother. She was known for being very outgoing, laughing a lot, and could be seen as a little intimidating some of the more introverted girls her age. And being quite attractive, she was popular with the boys, and wasn’t shy about it either. She had found a few a spots around town that were perfect for some alone time, and more than a few had gotten to share those with her. Connections: (optional) She is Erza’s best friend, and the two often spent free evenings together while at the White Tower. They became traveling companions after fleeing the Tower’s Fall. Character Goals: (optional) To continue advancing her career as Aes Sedai in absence of the White Tower, and to protect Erza. Group: Commoner/Channeler (Aes Sedai) Special Request: One Power strength of 15+, Strength with Earth in addition to typical Air and Water, and talent of Aligning the Matrix.
  3. I, Jehlal Makara have read the above and rules, and would like to join the Roleplay!
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