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  1. She also told Perrin that killing 'men' in TRR doesn't remove them from the pattern Did she mean A) women it does, men it doesn't B) humans don't get removed , therefore she may still be around C) she was lying and now gone for good
  2. I thought I knew exactly what happened - her interaction with rand about their being more to things - telling Perrin that 'some say those who are turned are dead already... Some say' - that those who are supremely good when turned become supremely bad... Those mildy good become mildy bad' I was SURE I knew what was coming... That she was turned. That she was never that good, loved power not the light, but that didn't make her evil. So she become mildy evil. And then had to watch her friends & family say 'of course she'd go over to him' So she just embraced it. And maybe she did wear LTT like an ornament, but she loved him in her own way. Whatever happened to her in her life, she couldn't make herself vulnerable, not to love, and not to show rand really what happened in TRR. I thought she wasn't originally evil, just turned and betrayed. Then her last scene with Perrin... Damn! It was such a good theory that explained everything!
  3. Galads death got me... Of course he dust actually die
  4. I thought you'd grown up Only Perrin grew up. Mat and I just learnt to pretend. Mat didn't learn that well
  5. Letter was great. Everyone who thinks otherwise should get a vas.
  6. The more interesting question is why does Rand need "help" to die?
  7. Galad is my favourite character in the series, and I hope something happens between him and Rand in aMoL.
  8. Mat's letter was gold. I also laughed at Min rolling her daggers out and being like "i am badass" and avideniha being like *doesnt she realise that i could just take those daggers away from her? but i could not shame her to point it out*
  9. Well I sort of agree with Luckers, but perhaps not as exuberantly. Zen Rand makes me uneasy, but I think there is something hiding around the corner.
  10. Makes me wish I had never read the series so I could read it again for the first time. Best bit in the series is Rand/Egwene coming to grips with Aiel culture, book 4 and 4, lol.
  11. I am rereading it now for the first time. Second time. When it first came out I was annoyed because I just wanted the series to get a move on, but now I am not so sure. I was wondering if people are glad he did this novel or not?
  12. mmm so being black or homosexual is like being disabled?
  13. What???? That is inappropriate to say in a public arena! *disco becomes overwhelmed by the bleakness* This poll makes as much sense as voting for Elaida as the Amyrlin Seat.
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