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  1. I'm a Rookie fan. Of course, any first-year police officer who undergoes as much stress as he does would be suffering from PTSD, but hey, it's just a show. I think it's fair to say that anyone who enjoys Nathan Filion will enjoy The Rookie.
  2. Whoah. I too am selling my house this month. We close in a couple of weeks, and we're moving into a temporary apartment while they finish building our new house, slated to be finished in April. There's nothing to make you question every single bloody thing you've ever bought than having to pack it up and move it somewhere.
  3. KANSAS CITY!!! Okay, I admit. I saw the game before declaring my undying allegiance. Museum or Concert Hall?
  4. "Here are flowers. They are dying. Soon we will all be dead."
  5. JamesBrown. Put me down for Hate it. I don't want to explain why, but I do.
  6. Thank you, Mashi. Fun game. "I didn't come in last place. I came in third. There's a difference!"
  7. Oof. I'm glad you've recovered, haycraft.
  8. Hmm, interesting. I don't think I'll be telling 144 people about this game. I'm not sure I know that many people. I'm not in love with my best friend in the eighth grade, whom I've not seen or spoken to since the eighth grade. The name for number seven is eerily spot on. I've got to stop thinking about that person. Number four? Nailed it. I can't figure out what "Gabriel's Oboe" says most about myself. Oh well, fun game.
  9. I think DJ's three for three on that round. For number three ("In this country, people believe it is good luck for a bird to poop on you.") is the answer, Brazil?
  10. Absolutely, DJ. Assuming I can still walk after sampling everything on these tables. Goodness!
  11. Interesting facts, Maera. Good research on your part. Based on year, month, and hour, I'm a Monkey, a Monkey, and a Rabbit.
  12. Good for you, Lily. (I would have pegged you as a sweet tea drinker, personally.) Brown-bagging lunches saves money. Figure a fast-food lunch is about ten bucks, versus two or three dollars for something brought from home. Call it forty bucks a week back into your pocket. If it were me, I'd set up a reward system. Every day I pack a lunch, I transfer eight dollars into a designated savings account for something fun. At the end of a year, I'd have up to two thousand dollars plus interest, enough to take a very nice vacation, or make a down payment on a new car, or get super gifts for the family, or...
  13. Wow! What a spread. Don't mind me. I'm just a Warder who happens to love sweeping pretty women off their feet on the dance floor.
  14. It is indeed, Lily. Too bad that our poor decisions affect others, like innocent kids.
  15. Okay, my Warders and Guests. Here's an opportunity for reflection, confession, and direction. Describe a day in your life that you'd like to re-live, knowing what you do now. I'll begin... When my son was about eight years old, he had been pestering me to take him to Chuck-E-Cheese. For those who don't know, Chuck-E-Cheese is an establishment created by arcade game designers who figured out they can make more money getting people to feed quarters to their games rather than sell them. So they invented an entertainment complex filled with arcade games, cranes, ball pits, animatronic mice singing show tunes--all things to make eight-year-old kids deliriously giddy. I personally don't care for the place--it's expensive, serves mediocre pizza, is noisy--but I'm not an eight-year-old kid, am I. So I relented and took my son. I forced him to eat a half a piece of pizza, then shoved some game tokens in his hand and told him to go away. Meanwhile, I parked myself in a corner booth and buried my nose in a book--a WoT novel, if memory serves. I kept one eye on my son, and he didn't seem to be having the fun fun FUN that he thought he would have. He'd been to Chuck-E-Cheese before with friends his age, at a birthday party, say, and during those times he ran around with a permanent grin. But this time, with only himself for company, he seemed low-key. He was reluctant to plunk down his finite supply of tokens on games he didn't know, and of course 'competitive' games like air hockey and skeeball are no fun played alone. So he wandered around from one area to another, watching other kids shriek and shout, but he was merely an observer. Meanwhile, his old man is planted in a booth, tight-lipped with frustration and wishing he was anywhere else. After about an hour, he finally worked through his allotted tokens, and we went home. Absolutely shameful, no? So that's a day that I would relive, and I would leave the damn book at home. I would divvy up the tokens between the two of us, and I would play with my son the way a father is supposed to. If he was undecided how to spend his tokens, I would give subtle pushes of direction--"Let's try this one! How about giving that one a go?" Years later I apologized to my son for neglecting my parental duties like that, and he said he didn't remember that day at all. So I suppose I should be grateful for that. But I missed the chance to form a father-son bond with him that he should remember.
  16. Cool. thanks @Arie I'll put the infinity symbol by your name.
  17. Welcome @Jacen al'Miere This will be your personal class as you become acquainted with the White Tower. Your mentor, @LilyElizabeth will guide you as you explore both the Tower and yourself. Best regards, JamesBrown Sword Captain
  18. Thanks to @Liitha and her suggestion, Kaylee and I would like to know how many newbies you are willing to mentor at one time. That way you won't get overwhelmed. @Arie @LilyElizabeth @Dar'Jen Ab Owain @Cross @Taymist @Cairos
  19. @LilyElizabeth , we have a new mintee that could use a warm, benevolent, yet "tough-but-fair" Mentor. They go by the name of Jacen al'Miere. Thank you, dear.
  20. Welcome, @Jacen al'Miere Mother has requested that you also read the following DragonMount Code of Conduct post here. Once done, we'll get you a Mentor shortly to help you get settled in.
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