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  1. Yes, I don't mind being called JamesBrown, JamesB, JB, or James the Lesser. Yes, I've finished all the books, and am re-reading them for the second time now (currently almost done with The Great Hunt). Like most people, I was getting frustrated with RJ's stretching out the series. I sorta skimmed Books 9 and 10. Then I gave Sanderson's first novel a try and really enjoyed how he picked up the pace. Overall I was satisfied with the ending, although I acknowledge that puts me in the minority.
  2. So far so good. Everyone's been very welcoming, and I appreciate that. I've been poking around, getting a feel for the place.
  3. I did some backpacking in high school in the Colorado Rockies. I'd like to do it again someday. Never have I ever ridden a motorcycle.
  4. Hello, Reds. Just popping by. As a man, I'm very glad to see that you're not like the man-eating Reds in the novels.
  5. Good books I can recommend in that vein: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss
  6. Hello, Browns. My first post here in the Field Trip, although I've participated my fair share in the other bookish threads here. I'm a fanatical reader, keeping at least a half a dozen books going at once, and reading 75 to 100 books per year. Twenty years of working in a bookstore will do that to a person.
  7. I didn't realize there were such a thing as pen pals anymore. I had one as a kid, a boy my age in Alaska, back in the pre-internet days. I thought those days were long gone with the advent of e-mail and texting.
  8. I've started re-sending physical letters to old friends I haven't seen in a long time. So far, they've texted me to say they appreciate the effort and really enjoyed getting real live mail. But not enough to write back, apparently.
  9. JamesBrown - Aspirant. Tough call. Any actor I'm familiar with is bound to be too old to play teenager Rand.
  10. I've handled the controls of a plane, but didn't take off or land. Getting my pilot's license is at the top of my bucket list, and it's my North Star that guides my actions, although I'm worried that it's going to be ten years or more before I can begin. I hope I can keep the dream alive for that long (my history suggests it will be very hard to do that.) Never have I ever handled the controls of a boat.
  11. I grew up in Colorado and went skiing twice when I was twelve. The second time, I took a bad fall, severely sprained my ankle and knee, and was on crutches for a month. I haven't bothered to ski since. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo.
  12. Every description of a woolen dress was "stout Two Rivers wool". Something about always leading with 'stout' picks at me.
  13. Are Aspirants supposed to post here? If not, then I was really looking for the mens' room and I'll back out now, red-faced.
  14. I'm intrigued by the Three Arches Ter'angreal that's used to test Novices and Accepted in the White Tower. Sheriam Sedai told Nynaeve, "It will bring you face-to-face with your greatest fears." Naturally, I wondered what are my own greatest fears, and how would I respond to them inside what seems to be equivalent to the Star Trek Enterprise's Holodeck. When it comes to Nynaeve, however, her first scenario was a battle with Aginor. Her second was seeing the Two Rivers fall into disarray without her being there as Wisdom. And her third was a possible future as the wife of Lan and mother of three children. The first I can see as a fear, but is being chased by one of the Forsaken--admittedly one of the weakest of the thirteen--really something that would cause her fear, more than anything else? For example, I might not want to ever be killed by a grizzly bear, but the thought of such is not keeping me up at night. I'm far more likely to be killed in a car accident, but I wouldn't even list that as one of my greatest fears. The other two scenarios, however, don't appear to me to be fears but temptations. The arches detected Nynaeve's current desire (restore the Two Rivers to its state before Moiraine Sedai arrived) and future desire (be the wife of Lan) and tempted her to leave everything else behind. I can see why that would make an acceptable test for a future Aes Sedai, but I can't see how that would be described as "your greatest fears." I would think that more appropriate scenarios would be exactly the opposite. In the second arch, suppose Nynaeve saw the Two Rivers thriving and prospering with her gone. That seems like a more relevant fear--that Nynaeve is not useful to the Two Rivers folk as she believes herself to be. And the third arch might show her marrying Lan, and as a direct result of that causing him to suffer and die. Wouldn't that cause her more fear? But then, if the purpose of the test is to ensure that one is committed to the White Tower, then showing me a future fear would only encourage me to stay. For example, if one of my greatest fears is indeed dying in a car crash, and the arch tells me, "If you don't go to the Grand Canyon next week, you will die in a car crash a year from now," then my response will be "Okay, then I will definitely go to the Grand Canyon next week." I might have been ambivalent about visiting the Grand Canyon, but if I'm told that not going will lead to my fiery death, then I will harden my resolve. Likewise, if Nynaeve is afraid of losing Lan, and the arch showed her a future where she does lose Lan because she didn't finish her tower training, how does that test her commitment to become Aes Sedai? Seems cross-purposes, to me. These are just some things I'm thinking about.
  15. Perhaps that's one of the properties of the weave itself. By default, weaves naturally erode, but the weaver can construct the weave such that it will be permanent. Isn't that how our world works? An architect can design a manufactured house that will be essentially be rubbish in a few decades, or he can design a cathedral that stands for more than a millennium.
  16. I have written two books. But I've never had one published.
  17. Sorry, I didn't realize you were keeping everything on the first page. I see it now. Not sure if it's me and my monitor, but I had a hard time reading the text. Dark text against a dark background. Otherwise, nice collage. Although I'm not seeing any of the typical Matrim flirtatiousness, but then the ladies around here might disagree.
  18. If Time is a Wheel, does that mean that Lews Therin Telamon was also the Dragon Reborn?
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