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  1. That's fair. Only Ituralde is entrusted to, by himself to command an army in the last battle. His skills and endurance are relentlessly tested and he constantly prevails despite overwhelming opposition. He from the onset understands that he is in the meat grinder of the battle and only his ability to adapt, adjust and overcome are why he was chosen to face the blight in the last battle. He knows that if he fails to hold and if Rand is victorious all might still fall if he doesn't hold his post. I will accept the fact that the other living great captains were assigned to posts they couldn't leave. But. Ituralde was the one selected and given several chapters to his own self. I feel these instances make him #1 of the five great captains.
  2. Pedro Niall died early and we never witnessed his renowned prowess as a great captain. Aside from Mat obviously, I submit that Rodel Ituralde of Arad Doman is the greatest of the 5 captains. Please comment.
  3. A backscape of Shader Logoth or at least something tangible to the Two Rivers would've been nice. I assume I'm looking at Moraine and Lan.
  4. It's in the same vein as Mordeths' demise but as a less prevalent character. Sanderson worked with what he had and did a very commendable job finishing the series. Sadly some very unique characters that could've been fleshed out further came to an anticlimactic end. Had Jordan not passed we'd all be wondering right now if in book 19 Nyneaves' hair had grown enough to be in a proper braid again. Jordan said he'd keep writing until they nail shut his coffin and he kept his word. Let's not split hairs over the minutiae and relish that we were given closure. Even if it wasn't what we envisioned it to be previously. Hell! Those of us that read George R.R. Martin probably won't even get that.
  5. The only other instance I recall of someone having prolonged exposure to a tainted blade is Talmanes, in A Memory Of Light. Granted he doesn't succumb to the blades sickness until he's on deaths door but he was pitched in battle leading the Band of the Red Hand in Mat's absence and only Nyneaves' healing barely saved him. Tam only succumbed to his wound long after the fervor of battle had long since passed and then became delirious. This is indicative of the continuous struggle of light vs dark. As Tam had no more enemies of the dark to battle. Talmanes did,and would've succumbed to his multiple wounds faster without having a need to prevail against the dark. Tam's fever would've been indicitave of Talmanes if Cairhien wasn't on fire at the time.
  6. Egwene's knowledge of the nuances and far reaching abilities of the dream world clearly surpass Perrins. Perrins animalistic primal abilities make him the superior combatant. They are two sides of the same coin. Egwene destroyed the mind of one of the Forsaken through sheer strength of will. Perrin killed slayer (arguably the world of dreams dark one) with his own hands, guile and instinct. Perrin deflected balefire that would've obliviated Egwene because he truly understood the dream and dismissed all preconceived notions of its bounds to reality because he always knew it wasn't. If Egwene hadn't died at 22 years old who knows, but she did. In their lifetimes together Perrin clearly outmatched her in the world of dreams in combat, alteration and acclimation. Egwene surpassed him in metaphysical projection and location via necessity. If BS went totally of the rails and had them fight each other Perrin would be the clear winner. RIP Egwene. Lost to soon.
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