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  1. Moved this over to the general forums. Great topic! Cash was the man.
  2. We've heard that before, except last time a whole board was missing.
  3. chuckievi


    Placebos or lack of performance?
  4. The problem is you are per usual hung over. Sober up and come back.
  5. Luckers in a Santa outfit exposing himself to passerby was the most accurate.
  6. God I can't wait for my advanced copy.
  7. Maj is clearly a bitch, quit being so insensitive Mystica.
  8. So I'm graduating law school in about 7 months. I propose that when I do so we sue the IRS to stop this weather report shenanigans and get some normalcy around here. I can't solicit clients, so just let me know if you are interested.
  9. Probably going to shit themselves and turn on the site with said torches and pitchforks. We should be ready to drop the site into performance mode and cut off the general populace's PMs, etc.
  10. That is pretty awesome, because he isn't REALLY Taim, so RJ didn't lie. Well played.
  11. I had 34 last week. A little light but I had to research for my law review note. I'll be back in the swing next week.
  12. Can we petition for people to change their name? Luckers to Lurkers makes more sense. Verbal to Typed as well.
  13. Fixed that for y'all. Hussy.
  14. This site isn't run by the government, so your 1st Amendment rights do not apply. Don't argue with the law student! shut her down.
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