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  1. Moved this over to the general forums. Great topic! Cash was the man.
  2. Balefire doesn't preclude Taim from being Be'lal necessarily, but Moiraine must have used enough to make it so the DO couldn't transmigrate his soul.
  3. The first plane hit while I was driving into class for the day. I arrived and walked into the classroom to 7 or 8 people openly sobbing. Having no idea what was wrong I asked why they were crying, and one of my classmates told me a plane had flown into the WTC. I didn't believe them as it seemed too incredible to be true. At that point the professor walked in and turned on the TV in the classroom, changing the channel to I believe it was CNN. Not 2 seconds after he changed the channel the second plane hit. Having no frame of reference I assumed that it was just a replay of the first plan
  4. Keep in mind that innovation with the OP can and does lead to accidents that can cause death, burning out, or other nasty surprises. It doesn't really strike me as odd that an organization that is essentially conservative in their view of the world (they want everything to remain in the glory days of the Aes Sedai) wouldn't actively seek out innovation. Especially since doing so can get you killed or worse, burnt out.
  5. Cyndane is going to have a hard time turning back to the light with the mind trap owning her presently. If somehow Rand got his hand (pun intended) on it, then maybe she could turn. Otherwise Moridin owns her in more way than one.
  6. Mesaana was still alive and in control of her faculties at the time Eggy had the dream. So she would be the 6th.
  7. Hahahaha I should put that in my sig Go for it lol.
  8. Drekka you are either on crack or are a genius, I can't wait to find out.
  9. Indeed he could. That would be a nice twist actually. i thought the DO told Demandred he couldn't us Rahvin specifically because he was Balefired. to me, this seemed to imply to all balefired souls. if this is the case, that he couldn't use Rahvin becuae of the amount; then we can still count Sammel in as well correct?? It doesn't preclude him from transmigration, it just makes it harder. If the DO has a 5 hour window, and you BF someone back 4 hours, his time is much shorter. So the amount of BF is important. I was just saying that if Moirane used very weak BF it woul
  10. Or they just have a huge stockpile of the rings and use them sparingly. If they could make them, they wouldn't have limited their Bloodknife strikeforce on the White Tower to a handful.
  11. He wouldn't need to, Rand doesn't and yet only his closest confidants have noticed his sickness when he seizes the power. I am not saying it would be easy, but with ALL the other hurdles this theory has dodged, Taim grabbing the power away from his cronies and then walking into the room so as to hide the sickness is a drop in the pond.
  12. I don't believe that Taim = Moridin, but I can offer an explanation to solve your one remaining gap. He does what Rand does, seizes saidin off screen and just holds it pretty much non-stop. True, none of the AM comment on it, but who is going to ask Taim why he is holding saidin? That is a good way to get a "lesson."
  13. Hey don't forget Be'lal was BF'd by Moirane, who probably isn't powerful enough to zap him back but a few seconds. I haven't checked the timelines recently, but HE could be Taim.
  14. Also keep in mind that blue eyes such as their Aiel have are recessive genes, so if there was another population they were interbreeding with at a "shadow colony" it wouldn't be hard to have dark eyed Aiel. Also just because I like to poke fun at you Drekka, I am wearing black and red right now...am I Moridin too?
  15. Very good point, although that could indicate an area within the blight that is free from corruption, and the village just borders on it. That is starting to get into some heavy conjecture though.
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