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  1. Not sure how I am a lying moralist. I suppose I am just saying they were spineless cowards and their house of cards exploded in their incompetent faces in the end. I mean we are all aware that East Pakistan collapsed and became Bangladesh, the world became aware of the mass atrocities that occurred and West Pakistans government collapsed whilst India´s regional dominance flared up. Pretty much everything that both Nixon and Kissinger were trying to keep under wraps. Wiser men know when to cut losses instead of double down on a losing bet. But then again Nixon and Kissinger weren´t exactly known for their shrewdness, albeit the latter a bit more than the former.
  2. Is the PG-13 rule based on which cultural sphere? Like can we post a lot of sexual posting but nothing to do with death, murder or violence a la pretty much all of Europe where I come from? Or is it the opposite and I can post about murder, violence and killing but nothing sexual? Pls advise.
  3. I want the true power. Seems like the true kicker.
  4. Pretty sure elves and daemons existed in folklore stories since many centuries if not millenia.
  5. Saint Kissinger? Isn't he the heartless monster who tried to suppress genocide reports out of East Pakistan during the Bangladeshi Independence War because it didn't fit into the US foreign policy that East Pakistan was committing genocide? I mean god forbid telling them to cool it or stop it, better take the route of cozying up with raping murderers and trying to character assassinate any journalists who manage to publish the ongoings of the mass atrocities there.
  6. I am going to enjoy 4 years Trump. Finally a President who does not have a filter and puts everyone and anyone on blast via twitter. Literally the best timeline.
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