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  1. I actually have a Wolfkin Name, that I rather like.  It is Brook Melody.  This was given to me by members of the WKSG after I reached the last rank of Elder.  I rather like it.  It expresses the idea of a calm brook through a forest, with the water flowing gently against rocks and the dirt on either side, and just flowing along.  I think it's beautiful, and it fits me... somewhat.  It is more like the person I want to be.



    It is the wolf name I would WANT Hopper to give me.



    That being said, my name would likely be more like Burning Leaf, in that I'm rather hotheaded, and I seem to float around against everything.  Or perhaps Burning Rock, since I'm also hardheaded and fling myself against things.  And I would probably hate it.

  2. In the Wheel of Time, a Wolfbrother (or Sister) is someone that develops a relationship with Wolves and gains some Wolfish abilities.  This includes enhance sight and smell, the ability to tell emotions, and joining the Wolf Dream (Also known as Tel'aran'rhiod).


    But, to the Wolves that a Wolfbrother grows attached to, our names are not correct.  I would never be known as Christine.  That doesn't express the image that is needed.  The emotion that a Wolf feels.  


    Perrin is known as Young Bull, because he is young and strong.

    Elyas is known as Long Tooth, because of the long knife that he carries.



    The Question I pose to you is this : 


    Hopper and his pack have just run into you.  You are a member of the pack.  You are Wolfkin.  What do they call you?  And why?  Do you agree with the name?





  3. Rand looked a little embarrassed as he glanced at his feet, then took a glance at Elayne.  How was he supposed to explain to Logain that he HAD tried to Travel...



    "If you MUST know... I was trying to Travel out of the Tower this morning."


    There was no getting away from answering more questions, and he glanced up at Elayne again, then shrugged his shoulders, trying to act as though it wasn't a big deal.


    "I was with Elayne last night, and I wanted to spare her embarrassment by leaving her rooms so early..."



    He glanced up then, trying to make it as though it did not matter, and his eyes caught on Elaida.  He stared at her for a moment, studying, then saw the Shadow peaking around her.  His eyes thinned, and he stalked forward, grabbing her by her arm.  


    "How long, Elaida?  How long have you served the Shadow?  I am the Dragon Reborn, and I can see the Shadow lingering around you.  I have had enough of your falsehood and lies.  How many lies have you told us this day?"

  4. Rand couldn't help himself.  He burst out laughing, a hollow laugh that would have scared children, but he still laughed at Elaida.


    "Come now Elaida, really?  Traveling?  The same could be said of you.  You certainly know that art quite well.  Regardless, there was a Dreamspike activated, so neither of us could have been able to Travel into the Hall."


    Rand then turned to Siuan, and looked her up and down.


    "Laras has already been proven to have lied, Siuan Sanche, but is she lying about you seeing Egwene right after her midday meal was brought?"

  5. "Speaking of people that are angry..."


    Rand turned to Galad and put his hands on his hips.


    "Your lunch with Egwene was not as calm as you seemed to make it.  I met her right after your lunch together.  You speak as though you simply discussed the Children of the Light in relation to the tower, but you forgot to mention her... curt dismissal when she said no to bonding you.  I bet it's difficult for someone like... well... you, to understand rejection."

  6. (Ach Elayne, you interrupted my response to Moiraine!)



    Stalking back towards Moiraine, who had that cool Aes Sedai face he loved to hate on, Rand then turned to answer her question.


    "Moiraine, as much as you have seen me grow, I have also grown up with Egwene.  I know her quite well, well enough that her question came as no true surprise to me.  As you pointed out, the pattern bends around me, and it would take far more than one person to push me down a different path than I chose."


    He sighed, then looked at the floor.  "I don't know why she is dead.  I have no desire for Egwene's death.  She was no danger to me or my Asha'men, so the pattern should have saved her.  Perhaps... perhaps my ta'veren nature... perhaps it is waning."


    Rand sighed again, then raised his eyes back up... and they met Mat's.



    "But, I am not the only Ta'veren in here.  And as Elayne pointed out, Egeanin was looking to please the Empress."


    He took a step towards Mat, his fist raised, and he could hear Lews Therin pushing him to do something stupid.  No, he had more control over himself.  No, him.  Rand had more control over Lews Therin.


    "Mat, did you and Egeanin team up?  Did the two of you kill Egwene?  And using Elaida too in your schemes, as she knows the Tower so well?"

  7. I can't imagine my life without Wheel of Time, and DM too.  I joined DM in 2003, and that was right as I started High School.  It got me through those horrible teen years, and now as an adult, it still fills my life while my husband is deployed.



    I also love Stormlight Archive!  I have reread The Way of Kings so many times, I might be obsessed.

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