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  1. Well, I'm a little impressed no one burned the Stedding down, and it seems like most everyone is in one piece.


    For those that don't know me, I'm the terrible person that is the SGL and I fell into a hole and died because of cloudflare and I'm back now and...



  2. *tosses Gayden into the next chili pot to come around*



    This one belongs to WBK!



    A bit about our newest pup!


    - 3 Fun Facts Im a vegetarian, I love video games and I taught myself to read when I was 4.


    Alright then!


    *dunks and licks clean*



  3. *tosses Misheru into the chili pot*



    A bit about our newest pup!




    I've had operation on my eyes, so my eyes have been outside my body. That's kinda freaky to think about.

    I cry at the same parts of books and movies when I reread/rewatch them, no matter how many times I've seen/read them. The last HP book (& movie) I basically cry through the whole thing  :rolleyes:


    I've never met a cat I didn't like, and that didn't like me. Got a cat-aura I think; I can't talk to random cats on the street or they start following  me  :laugh:


    She is now the responsibility of Sorcha!


    *dunks and licks clean*


    Welcome to the WK

  4. Are you serious, Brad?  I could ALWAYS find my Wyndy if I wanted to.  Maybe I just let her take extra long naps on occasion, but I Could always find her.



    I want to proudly state that it has been almost four weeks and NEITHER OF US have been arrested!  So, take that!

  5. Black Ajah : 467

    Ahmoondah 130

    Barmacral 25

    Basel Gill 43

    cindy 69

    cosmicpanda 5

    Haxorsist 15

    Kivam 125

    Naeann 40

    Panchi 20


    Dreadlords : 395

    Christine 45

    Cyan 90

    dapianoplay3r 95

    Kathleen 5

    lolguy26 10

    ThorkinBarrimore 5

    Vambram 20

    WildTaltos 125


    Shadowspawn : 315

    Katiora 180

    Leelou 50

    NakedFrog 10

    Nyanna al'Meara 5

    Nynaeve 15

    RandAlThor 25

    Reyoru 5

    Starrik 5

    TinaHel 5

    Verbal32 5

    WWWwombat 10


    DO / Fuls : 180

    LilyElizabeth 55

    Andrej 5

    cloud 5

    *Elan Sedai* 20

    Mirdraal 5

    nicana 15

    samuariflip05 5

    Sorcha al'Parr 60

    WolfbrotherKronos 10





    Congrats to Katiora and the Hags.
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