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  1. Nancy Drew and the boxcar children are what i grew up reading.
  2. Kaylee-Aes Sedai- Yellow Ajah Mine is also pumpkin pie with whipped cream! Rum balls are also awesome
  3. Kaylee Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah Been in a city most of my life, I like the smaller ones though. I'd love to live in the mountains.
  4. Kaylee Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah *squee* Hmm how about: Creativity can it be taught?
  5. It's ok hon, I enjoyed your company when I got it. I also really enjoyed the siggy you made.
  6. The First Oath: I swear to respect all members of the White Tower & Warders Community, despite any differences we might have in background or opinion. As Aes Sedai are sisters, this Social Group is my online family and I will treat them as such. The Second Oath: I swear to always remain a member of this Community at heart, even if life might take me away from it for a time, and always strive to return to it. Once an Aes Sedai, always an Aes Sedai. The Third Oath: I swear to be a true and faithful member of the Yellow Ajah and to uphold the dignity and ideals of my Ajah and the White Tower. I am a true member of the Yellow Ajah.
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