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  1. Declaration of Self: I am Kaylee, a mother to a wonderful baby girl, Kailyn whom I adore greatly. I started reading WoT as a dare from a friend because I said I didn't like fantasy much and wouldn't like the series. I was wrong, I love it! (Please no spoilers this was years ago, I didn't get past book 2 and am now re-reading with book 1). I came to DM after Tress introduced me to it. I love it here, the friends, the escape and of course the mafia games! The WT has been a place of comfort to me and I love my family here. Declaration of Commitment: I have spent time exploring different Ajahs and Diciplines and will continue to do so. I have participated in as many as I can, and after the wedding/honey moon I plan to continue doing so. I've met very wonderful people here that I feel make this seem like home. (Mish, Tonna and Brandie to name a few). Declaration of Intent: I plan to continue to be as involved as I'm able and to get a better feel for where I belong. As it stands I feel I get along with the Yellow and Green Ajah's the most, but I plan to consider all as I get to know them. My biggest future goal is to not stress about my wedding (that takes place next week). I'll be becoming a stay at home mom which will be a challenge and a dream come true. I can't wait to get to know the WT better and stay involved!
  2. Kaylee--Novice I said noble in a small village. People to be social with, but not struggling to get by. Seems peaceful and enjoyable.
  3. Just took this. Not the best picture of me, but I was feeling good about how I look.
  4. Kaylee - initiate I like games as well as hanging out. Both are great ways of meeting people and getting to know them.
  5. Kaylee- Initiate Free channler toally. After all, most days I feel out of sync with sanity anyway
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