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  1. Congrats Flower! Your novice dress is incoming...a mentor will be assigned and your thread of Req will be started
  2. Cool you're jets lol had to give the kids a bath and put them to bed. Love you Ry!
  3. Get them anywhere near me and you'll be in a world of pain.
  4. Initiate BlomBesie, you have completed your requirements and are now able to declare your path. What do you choose, the way of the Warder or the way of the Aes Sedai?
  5. Heart is stepping down!?! You left HER in charge! Well I'm sure she'll do great, except with Zander lol Wait, I need you Heart! You're supposed to help me with these, these, Aspies... left alone with them I might go insane! Oh, wait, already half there!
  6. Sounds felicità delicious Cindy! I like cheeseburgers that have been marinated in Worcestershire
  7. Lol yaeh it tuelry is. I fnid it fnuny taht eevn mssenig wtih teh oedr of teh ltetres of teh wdros you siltl konw waht tehy are. Yuor barin wlil mnagae to see teh creroct wrod.
  8. Welcome Chae! I'm sure you'll be happy in your new home! *snuggles*
  9. LOA from June 24th-28th. Will be camping with family! I'll be around until mid-day on the 24th. Back in full force on the 29th.
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