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  1. Agreed. My family and I see the Nutcracker every year.
  2. Very nice True... and the smell of fireplaces. Gives me warm fuzzies!
  3. My family and I celebrate Hanukkah. We like to make Challah bread in the shape of a Menorah. We also really like to play games. Happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate it, as tonight is the 1st night. Happy Holidays to everyone! What's your favorite activity during the holiday season?
  4. Welcome to the Yellow's Winter Wonderland! We have games and a discussion or 2. Join us for some fun! Threads and links: What's your favorite holiday activity Holiday Trivia Christmas Carol Contest Coloring Contest Classics Discussion
  5. You got: Sir Didymus You are feisty, determined, and incredibly brave. You never turn down a challenge and you will fight any battle until the very end. Mine
  6. Thanks to everyone for playing! Sorry I dropped the ball, totally thought I posted another one lol
  7. Next one: “Yam Donp, seer'th githmones oyd'u tebetr danstdreun tbauo em 'esauc st'i tartpomin, dan eon yad ryou efli yma depden no ti: I ma ylefdetinit a dma nma twhi a xbo!”
  8. next one: “Uyo twna sweapon? Eer'w ni a yliabrr! Skboo! Hte steb peaswon ni eht dwlro!”
  9. Very simple, un-scramble the quotes! You don't have to know the material either. Ready? Here's the first one! “The ivneesru is gbi. It’s svat dna dcpoialemt adn iricdlusuo. And ssomteime, yevr yrlrae, isipemoslb stghin stuj nehpap dna ew lacl hemt smilerca.”
  10. Last one, then tell me how many spaces you have left! Tiger, rhino, duck, hamster
  11. I had lion originally, then changed it before posting lol
  12. Next one: Jaguar Next one: Bighorn sheep Next one: Fly
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