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  1. False equivalence. The character claim is meaningless and can't be verified until that player dies.


    The claim Dar made of a item that could help town was verifiable (unfortunately I misunderstood the dynamics of the role). Holding that vote on her in effect denying town that opportunity is anti town. To say otherwise is at best wrong and most likely mafia behavior.


    Once it was clear it could help town. Not as easy to see as a 1x cop claim. It should have at least created some doubt that was a wise place to vote.


    That is my opinion at least.


    In my experience it is mafia behavior to ask people to what their ability is. As I said before, I think it is the equivalent of asking for people to post their role ie: Cop, Doc, etc...thus putting a target on their back. In which case I think Dar did that by telling everyone what her chest item got her and even though she wanted to help it got her killed. The mechanics of the ability would not have been in question either had she not been open with that information. Which leads me back to Turin asking people to reveal what they got. If I remember correctly he is the one who started asking for people to say what was in their chests to start with. While he kept claiming to be unwilling to vote Dar he is probably the one who got her killed. 


    There are so many layers to this game.


    In essence, what you are saying is that since the chest Daruya had could help town, and was verifiable as helping town, then a vote against Daruya was a vote against town?


    There are many layers. You are at least right about that!

  2. I'm home and exhausted and now I have to pack for our trip, we leave town tomorrow. I should be able to hop back on in a little bit. But please be aware that I start vacation tomorrow and will be without any internet until about 2-3 hours before the next deadline. I will do my best to keep up.











    Pretty sure there is at least 1 scum in both groups.




    Trying not to lurk. Just wish I had more time to devote to rereading and formulating independent suspicions. Alas, still learning how the game opperates, and getting the feeling that this particular game is not a typical mafia game.

    So, if Daruya is town and Turin has consistently been defending her, then does that make him town too, or could he be mafia trying to establish a tie to a townie early on to try to elevate suspicions? Or I'm guessing that is the whole point. We have to decide if it means anything in particular at all, and if so, how we interpret it.


    Yes, it is called white knighting.






    Why me over say LZM?

    he's put himself out there more with his you/Dar = scum claims.....just not a good idea for scum to play THAT far out in front.....initial gut read

    Why isn't DJ in the lurker group?

    more active than the others (I think?)

    Verb, do you have any actual game related thoughts. Like actual things that people have done?

    Those are game related.

    No that is just using post count. Try doing some werk. Half her posts are checking in don't know what's going on. Which is not an indictment of her as she is new, but is a question of your commitment to solve.

    It's D3, time for more than gut reads. He's spent two days trying to lynch two townies and has misrepped Dar on his first big reason, then when called on it, pivoted to the flipside argument.
    (In case you missed it. LZM said Dar noticed Dice character claiming in his first post. She didn't. She noted him claiming town. When this was pointed out to him he switched it up to say that Dice hadn't actually claimed town but had only claimed not a death eater. Which by expected flavor he could be both not a death water and mafia)

    I also doubt how Town! Verb could be thinking I'm anything but town.

    Family time now. Back later.



    lol, you're funny



    Purple bold...Verb, do you think Turin is White Knighting? 




    You make a good point, LZM.

    Trying to be more active, Verbal.

    I suppose if anyone wants to use lack of participation as an indication of mafia, then I suppose I could throw Devil out there, thanks to Verbal's list. But I really don't think that participation or lack thereof is a good enough reason really to consider someone mafia.


    In a vacuum, this logic is solid......but play enough games, and you'll be surprised at how often the bold actually proves to be false.  People inherently prefer being a townie - it is "less stress".  When people are scum, they are more cautious and afraid to post and give themselves (or their teammates) away.  This naturally makes them post less and lurk.


    We definitely have lurkers this game. 




    Turin 103
    LZM 79
    Rhea 67
    Verbal 49
    Dar'Jen 22
    Lessa Nikia 21
    charis 18
    Elgee 13
    Devil 10


    I'm not putting any more effort in than I have if we've got folks who are averaging 2-3 posts per entire 24 hour day. Nothing against their activity, it's cool, but that's that.

    don't play down to the LCD. Try to engage them and draw them into to conversation. Only mafia can lurk to win. Lead man. It takes a village. Set the example.

    Can everyone please post their thoughts on all the other players? Who you are willing to vote at this point. Who you don't want to vote. And please say why. I promise it will help create useful conversation which improves our chances to find the mafia.



    In post order as listed above...


    Turin feels townie to me but I could be making a huge mistake. Looking back at the game play he's been posting a lot for sure, but he's also said many times how much he felt Daruya was town. If he is scum he would know she was town and could be using this to his advantage. Now she's dead and we know she's town, it makes him look more sus. Coupled with the fact that he's been pushing people to reveal what they got in their chests. Now I'm not saying he's been the only one, but more so than anyone else. In a regular game this behavior to me is the equivalent of asking players their roles ie: Doc, Cop, etc. which gets people killed. Such as Dar. He also persuaded me to help him get a chest. I don't mind working together but I'm starting to find it fishy. And Turin didn't protect Dar after he knew what her ability was thinking that the target would still get the results; and that means to me that he didn't really care if she died. So if he really was town why wouldn't he potentially sacrifice himself to be sure?


    LZM, pushing pretty hard on Daruya, too hard to be scum IMO.


    Verbal and I haven't been seeing quite eye to eye but I can see where he's coming from mostly and it seems like he's townVerb. 


    Dar'Jen is active but not contributing a whole lot. Is this just noob behavior or is she scum trying to stay under the radar? Kind of feels like she's coat tailing. 


    Lessa I have not felt good about since D1. I think she was more "white knighting" to Dar day 1 than anyone else. He reason for voting Darthe didn't sit well with me, it felt like an opportunity to start a town lynch. Staying away until after deadline and then answering to a question she wasn't asked still bugs me. Then her OMGUS vote on me when I question her about it, well...


    Charis I feel more towards town on her, and what she has posted has been fairly good. I don't think Charis or DarJen would have responded to Verb's questioning if Lessa hadn't first. 


    Elgee and Devil...not enough posts to go on. Though Devil keeps getting his info wrong which makes me think he's more skimming that reading. 



    Top picks for the scum are...not in any particular order







    Charis and DarJen I am on the fence about



    Town: Me, LZM and Verb

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