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  1. Note that the "yin yang" flag in upside down. The artist painted it this way, but the error was not caught until the very last minute before the book was published. It was digitally corrected in time for the books to be printed.
  2. Brandon Sanderson has launched a surprise online "hunt" which will reveal new content related to A Memory of Light, the final Wheel of Time novel. As part of his book tour for The Alloy of Law, Brandon is giving away clues that reveal the location of 35 hidden WoT bumper stickers (shown here). These bumper stickers will be hidden throughout the bookstore where Brandon is scheduled to appear. Each has a written code on the back which will unlock exclusive content related to AMOL. We don't know yet if the content is a chapter from the upcoming book, or something else. You can see the exc
  3. Hi everyone, I'm participating in Nanowrimo this year. Feel free to add me as a writing buddy: http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/jwdenzel
  4. Orbit Books, the UK publisher for The Wheel of Time, announced today on their "Turn the Wheel of Time" Facebook page that they will be publishing a limited number of leather-bound editions for The Eye of the World. Only 2,000 copies will sold worldwide. The hardback book comes in a high-quality slip-case with a gold foil WoT logo on the outside of the case and gold foil lettering and logo on the spine. These limited editions will not be available in the United States or Canada. However, some US citizens have reportedly been able to pre-order it from Amazon UK. If you are somebody
  5. Today, October 17th, would have been Robert Jordan's 63rd birthday. Happy Birthday, RJ! Did you ever have a chance to meet our favorite author in person? Did he tell you something interesting or funny? If so, leave a comment below and tell us the story. To celebrate his birthday, Ta'Veren Tees is having a 1-day only sale on one of their popular Wheel of Time t-shirts. Go check out how you can get it for only $17 (US) (The photo here is courtesy of Wilson Grooms)
  6. I've updated the article to include some information about the release date. No release date has been announced or confirmed. Orbit is guessing based on the info they have. Expect mid to late 2012 though. "Early 2012" is too soon. Brandon isn't even done writing it, and the editing process will take a while.
  7. Orbit Books, the publisher for the The Wheel of Time books in the United Kingdom and other territories, has launched an exciting marketing campaign to encourage people to re-engage in the series before A Memory of Light is released next year. The campaign, called "Turn the Wheel of Time", features a fun video, as well as a free give-away tote-bag to the first 500 people who "Like" their Facebook page. (Only open to residents who live in countries where Orbit publishes their books. Sorry, Americans!) Here's the video: Helpful Links "Turn the Wheel of Time" Press Release "T
  8. Hi everyone, I just sent this same note to the DM staff, but realized it's appropriate to share with all of you as well. Beginning tonight (Sept 16), I will be on a 4-week leave of absence with minimal access to DM, email, or anything. While I won't be TOTALLY OFFLINE (ZOMG!), the intent of this "personal retreat" is to cultivate some silence, reflection, and good energy for myself. I will be travelling during this time. About a week from now I will be visiting Brandon Sanderson's house for a few days and staying with his family. They were very kind (and brave) to invite me in
  9. Today, September 16th, 2011, marks the four-year anniversary of Robert Jordan's death. He is remembered fondly by those who knew him, and gratefully by those who read his books. Our warmest regards go out to Harriet, Wilson, and Jordan's entire family during this bittersweet remembrance. One of our longtime members, Isabel, posted one of his quotes today, which I gladly share with you here: ‎"Fantasy is the literature of hope. In fantasy there is a belief that you can make a difference. Today may be bleak, but you can live through today. And tomorrow will be better. And maybe th
  10. Tor Books has released the cover art for the upcoming ebook release of New Spring, the prequel novel in the Wheel of Time series. Beginning in late 2009, Tor released each book in the series in a variety of electronic formats. See below for a full list of links to the released books, as well as a list of the remaining upcoming releases. In this week's "Wheel of Time Video News", Kristen Nedopak reveals the cover and shares her opinion. Tor.com feature | Buy" rel="external nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002U3CCYM?ie=UTF8&tag=dragonmount&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=93
  11. Dragonmount is proud to announce that the Towers of Midnight book trailer has won three Telly Awards, including the prestigious Silver Award for Cinematography. Awards Received - "Internet / Online Commercial" category Silver Award - Videography / Cinematography (highest honor) Bronze Award - Visual Effects Bronze Award - Sound / Sound Design In this episode of the Wheel of Time Video News, our hostess Kristen Nedopak talks with the filmmakers who received these awards. The Towers of Midnight Book Trailer This episode of the Wheel of Time Video News is sp
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