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  1. A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series, has arrived! Here's a round-up of news and reviews. Buy the book & support Dragonmount InterviewsGoodreads NPR Nethspace City Pages Brandon's blog (he answers FAQ's) Reviews"Dear Robert Jordan", Jason Denzel's response to the book Matt Hatch (Theoryland.com) Leigh Butler (non-spoiler) Leigh Butler (Spoilers!) Linda (Thirteenth Depository) Nethspace The Wertzone Huffington Post Discuss the bookAMOL discussion NO SPOILERS AMOL Full Spoiler Forum Theoryland.com TarValon.n
  2. Welcome to the "I've finished the entire series just a little while ago and need to say something" thread. Need to laugh? This is your place. Need to cry? Bawl here. Want to [respectfully] curse at the ending? Go for it. Need to hug somebody? Find a friend and squeeze. Try and keep your reactions semi-short here. Longer responses can be saved for other threads. Ready? Go.
  3. With the release of A Memory of Light upon us, the podcasters take a moment to tie up some loose ends, and talk about their predictions for some of the minor characters. Spoiler Warning In this episode, the Podcasters talk about books 1-13, as well as the promotional chapters previously released for AMOL. If you haven't read all the pre-released bits of this last book, you may wish to hold off on listening to this until you have. Of course, at that point, you'll have probably read the book already, and can laugh when we get everything absolutely wrong. In this episode, Andrew, Virginia and S
  4. A Memory of Light, the final book in The Wheel of Time series, is just days away! Almost exactly 23 years have passed since the original publication of The Eye of the World. On January 8th, the grandest saga of modern literature will be complete. Are you ready? We are! Here's a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about the AMOL release. Where to get it AMOL will be released in hardcover and audiobook on January 8th. (The ebook will be available on April 9th) First and foremost, please support your local bookseller. As a community of readers and book lovers, we encourage you
  5. Tor Books has released their third promotional video for A Memory of Light. This video, called "The Final Chapter", is a telling of the familiar story many fans know: how, shortly after Robert Jordan's death, Harriet selected Brandon Sanderson to complete the Wheel of Time series. As with the first two videos, this one features interviews with Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, and Tor publisher Tom Doherty. Here's the video: Please pass this video on to your friends and family. This is a great way to share the phenomenon of the Wheel of Time with a wider audience. About A Memory of
  6. Tor Books has released the second of several promotional videos for A Memory of Light. This video, called, "The Robert Jordan Story", is an insightful look at the life or James Rigney, aka Robert Jordan. It includes stories and photos that most fans have probably not heard. As with the first promotional video, this one features interviews with Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, Tor publisher Tom Doherty, and Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel. Expect to see at least one more video from Tor over the next several weeks. Here's the video: Please pass this video onto your fr
  7. Dragonmount is pleased to announce that our friends at the Waygate Foundation have launched their first fundraising campaign, entitled "A Story Begins." The Waygate Foundation is a non-profit organization which strives to unite fans and authors in the science-fiction and fantasy field to work together for philanthropic purposes. The goal of their first campaign is to raise $10,000 to benefit Patrick Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders charity. If they are successful in raising their goal, then they've been given permission to share a sneak peak of the forthcoming Wheel of Time Encyclopedia. The
  8. Tor Books has released the first of several promotional videos for A Memory of Light. This video, called, " ", is designed to introduce new fans to the series, and explain why now is a great time to investigate the series. The video features interviews with Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, Tor publisher Tom Doherty, acclaimed fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, and Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel (me!). Expect to see several more videos from Tor over the next several weeks. : Please pass this video onto your friends and family. This is a great way to share the p
  9. On November 27, Dragonmount was hit by an overwhelming cyber attack. The result was similar to a "Distributed Denial of Service" (DDOS) attack, and resulted in our servers being overwhelmed with tens of thousands of page requests within a very condensed amount of time. Our web servers are powerful and well maintained. It's a testament to their resilience that they didn't immediately meltdown. Despite seeming to be offline, they never crashed, and immediately recovered as soon as we blocked incoming traffic. In the end though, even good web servers like ours succumb to these type of attacks.
  10. Macmillan Audio, in conjunction with Tor.com, has released Chapter 2 of A Memory of Light, entitled "The Choice of an Ajah." The chapter is available as a free audio download only. You can listen to chapter 2 on Tor.com's website. A Memory of Light will be published on January 8, 2013 in hardcover and audiobook formats. It will be published as an eBook on April 9th. In addition, if you are one of the first 2,000 people to pre-order the audiobook on CD, you will receive a limited edition AMOL case for your iPhone. Details are available on Macmillan's website. About A Memory of Light Dragon
  11. Grim Oak Press announced today that it will be publishing Unfettered, an anthology of short fiction from an amazing collection of fantasy writers. One of the included short stories is River of Souls, a short story based in the Wheel of Time world. It's listed as being written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The anthology will be available in Spring, 2013, after A Memory of Light is released. Proceeds from the book will benefit Shawn Speakman, a notable member of the fantasy community, who has been struggling to pay the overwhelming costs of his medical bills. About twenty-four well-kn
  12. Dear Robert Jordan, Today I read your final book. The end of The Wheel of Time came to my hands nearly twenty years after I first picked up its beginning. It was a story well told, a story whose ending lived up to the promises made so very long ago. I’m writing in order to tell you a little about it. What I’ve loved most about your grand story throughout the years is how true it is. Those who cherish the fantasy genre understand this. Within a story about fictitious people, in fictitious worlds, with conflicts that never actually happened, we have the opportunity to explore what makes us r
  13. I'm totally closing the site forever as soon as the last book is out. Sayonara. ;-)
  14. "By Grace and Banners Fallen", the prologue to A Memory of Light, is now available! Due to some unforeseen mix-ups with other vendors, Tor decided to release the eBook prologue several weeks in advance of the original October 2nd release date. “By Grace and Banners Fallen” is available now for $2.99 as either an ebook or audio download. The DRM-free eBook version is directly available on our website. If you already pre-ordered the book, make sure you are logged into our website and go to this link to download the prologue. A man who loves the hunt begins a new pursuit, red veils appear, a
  15. Hi folks, At this time, for various technical reasons, we're unable to sell eBooks to people with Canadian addresses. I hate that we can't do it, but it comes down to a technical limitation of our storefront software. I'm actively pushing to have this functionality added. But right now, we just can't do it without meeting the requirements Macmillan has for our online store. As soon as Amazon.ca has the prologue available online, I will be sure to link all of you to it. Thanks for your understanding.
  16. Hi folks. I updated the article above to mention why they are releasing this as an eBook. Also, let me clear something up before judgements are made. Trust me: Tor would LOVE to accept your international money for the eBook. But due to the way these legal contracts are sold, Tor does not have the right to sell AMOL to anybody outside the US and Canada. If you live outside Tor's region, and would like to see the prologue, then please ask Robert Jordan's other publisher in your area (Orbit, if you live in the UK or Australia). You can also ask a friend who lives in the United States to purchase
  17. Tor Books announced today that "By Grace and Banners Fallen", the prologue to A Memory of Light, will be available as an eBook for purchase and download on October 2nd. “By Grace and Banners Fallen” is available as a pre-order $2.99 as either an ebook or audio download. The DRM-free eBook version is directly available on our website for purchase now. After pre-ordering, your eBook will become available for download on October 2nd. A man who loves the hunt begins a new pursuit, red veils appear, and one of the Forsaken stands newly revealed. The forces of the Shadow swell in triumph as the
  18. Hi folks. The question about international sales is a good one. I would LOVE to be able to sell all of these eBooks worldwide. However, Macmillan (the publisher that owns Tor and provides these titles to us) is limited in what they are able to legally do. Trust me: they would love to take your money in return for ebooks! I highly encourage you to read this link, written by a senior editor at Tor. He nicely summarizes why this is difficult right now. http://whatever.scalzi.com/2012/06/13/todays-interesting-bit-of-trivia/#comment-334883
  19. Macmillan Audio is giving away free iPhone cases to the first 2,000 people who notify them of their pre-order for the A Memory of Light audiobook. To be elligible, you'll need to send them a scanned version of your pre-order receipt, or a copy of your confirmation email from an online vendor. The promotion is happening until December 7th. It's valid for US residents only. The AMOL audiobook will be released along with the hardcover on January 8, 2013. Contest details can be found here. Those 2,000 cases are likely to go quick. So get your pre-order in quickly. Here are some l
  20. DragonChi: email the scoop to us: Webmaster@dragonmount.com Rane008: http://www.dragonmount.com/store
  21. Dragonmount is pleased to announce that we've opened a DRM-free eBook store! Available now through our website is Tor's entire catalog of 2,500+ eBook titles, including the entire Wheel of Time series. After 14 years of serving the WoT community, we're excited to finally be able to directly sell you not only your favorite Robert Jordan books, but a giant selection of other titles from one of the world leaders in fantasy publishing. Although Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson's books will always have a special place in our store, we're especially excited about selling the books of hundreds
  22. @ Semirhage666: First off, We'd kindly appreciate if you didn't use language like that. You're not making any impression other than a poor one. As for the need for the additional months, that's a valid thing to ask (nicely). The answer is that the book isn't FULLY done.There's still at least dozens of small decisions that need to be made. Continuity needs to be checked. New icons need to be designed. 450,000 words need to be read and re-read for spelling and grammar. The book needs to be designed in layout. Early copies need to be produced for quality assurance, early reviews, etc. Print
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