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  1. Yes, DM is taking over the WOT FAQ. Although she publicly denies it, I intend for Leigh to be involved as well. :) Before I just blindly setup a wiki or ask people to "update it for me", I want to get a proper team together, complete with an organized team leader that I trust. All of that is underway right now. :)
  2. Ha! This whole thing was Barm's idea. Send him the bill.
  3. I still want to bam Barm, though.
  4. Not true. In the podcast we did with him, Brandon said that he knew of a good place he could potentially split it, if that's what Harriet and Tor decided to do. Those guys are all professionals. They know how good pacing works. I'm certain we'll get satisfactory endings for each volume, if they decide to split it.
  5. The formal update is a press release. It will have the answers to all your questions. Harriet is RJ's wife, and Tom is Tom Doherty, the president of Tor Books, and a personal friend of RJ's. JordanCon is the first annual convention dedicated to the works of Robert Jordan. It's being held in Atlanta the weekend of April 17 - 19h. You should be there. Harriet, Wilson, Tom Doherty, Brandon Sanderson will be there. Oh... and me. :) :) :) ;-)
  6. [glow=red,2,300]This is directly from Tor Books[/glow]. They've asked me to post this. Feel free to spread it around ----------------- Hello everyone! We wanted to clarify a few points for the ongoing discussions: There is no cover for the next Wheel of Time book available yet. The formal Wheel of Time update has been scheduled to release two weeks before JordanCon, with personal words from Harriet and Tom. This is going to be an exciting year, so we appreciate your patience and enthusiasm! Check out Dragonmount and Tor.com on Monday morning … ----------------- Werthead -
  7. In his blog posts, Brandon has said that if they split the books, there will be an omnibus edition (where they combine the whole thing into one book). I would assume that would be a hardcover.
  8. I'm glad Brandon responded to this on his blog. I've not received any official word from Tor yet, but I do know they were planning to send me something in the first few days of April. Based on these rumors (which actually started trickling in earlier than this post), I think Tor is considering pushing their official announcements out earlier than originally planned. As for the cover art: love it or hate it, it's what we've seen for the past 11 books (12 with NEW SPRING). Do you really think it's time to change artists? I think they should use DKS as the artist for this last book
  9. Hi everyone, This all appears to be pretty exciting, huh? Nice find. DM will have a lot of official news on all of this in the next few days. Stay tuned. Jason
  10. All -- Please join us for discussion on this topic on our new RED EAGLE forum here: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/board,253.0.html
  11. *waves* Hi everyone. It's me! The eternally lurking site owner! Today is DM's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday DM! *hugs DM* If you're reading this, that means that you are, in my book, the coolest of the cool and a true die hard DM'er. Why? Because the people visiting these forums every day are the heart and soul of the site. While other pages get more traffic, and RJ's blog gets all the news media attention, it's these forums that have always been the beating heart of the website. Over the years these forums have inspired RJ, scared off Brandon Sanderson, crushed lesser WoT si
  12. Hi everyone, Sorry to tease you, but there's a big WoT announcement coming on Tuesday of next week. (July 1st) I can't say anything more, but there's an attachment here. Feel free to speculate. I like to make you all squirm! Jason
  13. One more thing about the banners.... if your concerned what the banners are funding, please feel free to ask. And now that you know what they are funding, have you ever stopped to ask what the banners on the proboards are paying for? Try asking them. See what they say. :) J
  14. I want to address this point, because, as you pointed out, its important. First off, yes, Dragonmount.com has been a registered business in the US since 1999. It is perfectly legal and legit. I did this because DM is a big financial burden and I do not want to have it inter-mix with my family's personal finances. By setting it up as a business I am able to have a dedicated bank account and can do things like pay bills, buy hardware and services, invest in events, contests, and marketing. In the first 4-5 years of being in existence DM lost a ton of money. Thousands of dollars a year.
  15. Hey Skechid ! Yup- of course I remember you. :) How could I...er...forget? hehehe To address your questions: DM belongs at Dragonmount.com. The admins are providing nice message boards on a stable network of servers to any groups or org who wants to run an online club based on the Wheel of TIme. (So long as they meet a reasonable about of minimum requirements) If you want to run message boards and stuff outside of DM -- fine. No problem. But you may not use the name DM when you do so. Clear enough? Same goes for mailing lists and blogs and things of that sort. We now offer y
  16. Corki, looking forward tot he email. As for how things were handled... I agree! It wasn't ideal. The plan was to open up these boards, have a limited number of people test them out (staff primarily) and then adjust them to work for us. It has always been my intent - of which I have been vocal for a long time - to bring all traffic back to DM. That should have come as no suprise. Anyway, we can discuss via emails the specifics for your org. You guys have a most unique situation, but I al completely confidient we can figure out a solution which works for everyone. J
  17. Showing up late to this thread. Not going to pretend I have read all 12 pages before this. (But I have skimmed some of it). As you can see, these forums are *NOT* ready for prime time. They look ugly as hell, we're having bugs, and not everyone knows where they are. Frankly, these new forums should never have been made available as the main forums at this point. But alas, for various reasons that boil down to "Jason does not have time to properly manage the move" we are here. So, we are working to making these forums look nice, optimize speed, and setup all the subdomains....
  18. Which is a real shame, because that FAQ used to be the end-all-be-all WoT location on the 'net. Then we showed up. Ba-wahahahaha! j/k I've met Leigh before and she's awesome. I also hope they find time to update things. J
  19. Hi there, The FAQ at DM is generally designed to be a Q&A. Once you submit a question, we reply within a day or two. Most of the questions all have to do with the earlier books. It hardly seems like we get questions about the events in the later ones. If you have a specific question, please send it in! Besides the FAQ, we do intend to add some features to the site to have more specific WoT info. J
  20. :oops: :cry: i dont know. i just had a compultion to say it. and i dont want to go back and ask where it came from and what its motives are
  21. Ben I am ashamed of you. Why are you not wearing your Dragonmount 1.0, First Edition, First Printing t-shirt in that pic??? JtM
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