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  1. I understand that AMoL will be the last book...but will it REALLY be the LAST book? Theres a lot of loose ends... theres a lot of history / background / culture splashed throughout the book. If they wanted to, they could make this a 'main series' like the dragonlance with a whole bunch of offshoots and side histories. Hell if I was the author thats what I'd do. But then again, I'm just a lowly peon what do I know
  2. You reminded me of, and led me to quote Alphaville, Forever Young; Rereading some posts..to answer this one though? Hell yah I'd love to be young forever. I've already lost quite a few love ones. I expect to lose more before I avoid kicking the bucker. I say gimme it now! lol.
  3. I voted Nynaeve. When I was younger I had a bad habit of not controlling my temper too. I tended to 'blow up' at lost of ridiculous things. Like her, though, I matured. I still blow up, I just channel it into more productive outlets lol. Her ongoing love problems with Lan makes her more real than Rands harem that like him 'just because'. And not NEAR as dull/dry as Faile's attempt at controlling and using Perrin. I actually have a suspicion that Faile might even be a darkfriend, something Nynaeve definitely is not. Just my thoughts
  4. Its quite simple. The spiderwork of the light vs dark in rands brain will finally cause him to succumb to madness. He'll see light everywhere he goes, and in his insanity plunge the world into darkness eternal as he breaks the seal. Nynaeve will see Land die, go crazy, and pull too much of the one power down on herself right there in Tarwin's Gap. The ensuing aftermath of this will cause a massive growth spurt in the blight, trees and critters mutate wildly, and run amuck, spreading throughout the Borderlands. The trollocs will finally decide to settle down and marry each other. Pa
  5. Whatever you do don't think of an elephant named 'chartreuse'. Its a horribly secret name and if you say the ..um...colored elephants name you'll feel him stomping near you. Maybe feel a trumpet. So don't think of an elephant named...wait I can't say it. Did I mention it was Char-- um ..nevermind. I think the element of 'don't ever think of this word' will cause it to live on in infamy for thousands of cycles lol. Cuz every idiot's probably gonna say it at least once. However, once the elephant stomps on your foot you sure will remember NOT to say the name.
  6. I would be a wise one. Not only can they channel, but they're not limited by the 3 oaths like Aes Sedai. Not to mention they're not despised by everyone like the aes sedai either! Maybe a wise one trained to the weaves of the tower, have the best of both worlds... Not sure how I'd do running around the waste though lol. Probably die horribly.
  7. Come to think of it...I bet the dark ones power can be used there. Consider when Rand sauntered into the white tower, and it is assumed that even if they blocked his use of saidan he could still access the dark ones power. I think the DO power is something separate than the use of saidar/saidan, which should substantiate (MAYBE) my previous theory.
  8. I'd say the exact same thing if an Aes Sedai brought a Ter'Angreal into a stedding. Absolutely nothing. Though generally working the power wouldn't work, that doesn't stop them from being a simple object. THOUGH one might argue that keeping the seals in the stedding might prevent the dark ones power from corrupting or breaking them...that is, of course, assuming that the TRUE power can't be used in steddings (something I don't think that has been established or negated...maybe Rand should try).
  9. Well i voted a saidar user, though I imagine anyone with the 'talent' could do it. And I believe it would be a 'talent' like dreaming, or making terangreal, or what not. Not just anyone can do it, they have to be uniquely skilled. I think if it were to happen it would happen during the time for the last battle. Just my opinions
  10. The Pattern makes someone a ta'veren to help fix the Pattern and they remain ta'veren just as long as they are required in that role. It would be very strange indeed if their taver'en natures helped to deliver Rand, Mat and Perrin to the LB like a taxi and then just left them there to sink and swim as they will. The Pattern is trying to prevent its own destruction and it will keep them ta'veren at least as long as they are needed for that particular task. There are also multiple indications in the books that this is what's going to happen. What happens after the LB is anybody's guess. S
  11. My moment was when Egwene was freed from the leash. What a horrible thing.
  12. Oh man, I love the cult of skaro lol. Too bad its taken ^^ I also love Dr. Who, awesome sci-fi. Scary ageing me like this but....I saw the ORIGINAL dr. who in black & white. Old looking dude too. Wow that was a long time ago.
  13. Nah thats taken, its called the 'southern baptist convention'.
  14. And the one power was invented by some evil dudes named Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla. They were influenced by the dark one himself! Its tainted! Shayol Ghul was this big white looking building where the dark ones representative sat in a place abbreviated D.C. for Death of the Commmon man. Just a suspicion mind you, after all I live in the age of madness, not the age of legends.
  15. So who thinks that we haven't seen the last of the little red witch, the usurper, the prognosticator, the bringer of chaos ELAIDA? I have a feeling we'll see her again in some sort of climatic role in the end. ALSO Red Ajaha? Prevent the breaking? What will their new purpose be now that saidan is cleansed. Lets give them something to do other than hate men and find new pillow 'friends' lol.
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