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  1. I thought I stick my nose it to have a look see. How are you all? I see you've all been happily creating!


    I used to be a member of the old, old, old.... Illuminator's club and was the leader for a time. Glad to see there's still an art section!

  2. let me throw something out there:


    My character is a flusie and quite uppity in nature. She thinks she can get any guy and thinks that she only needs to show them attention, only if they try to desert her. Though she's quite pretty and flaunts herself shamelessly, she is bound to run into that one guy that she cannot charm.


    Just a suggestion.

  3. The lunch in the Gardens were a welcomed, relaxing time. If its possible to relax around an Aes Sedai at all. But Jaydena had made it extremely easy on her and soon, she was patting her lips with her napkin, chewing her food like the proper lady her father had insisted, she be. It was never easy to eat in front of someone and in a cafeteria, no one nit picked at the way you ate your food. Some young girls ate with their fingers... it was their upbringing and what was made important to them during their raising. Satin didn't have the carefree luxury. She was schooled every single day. She knew nothing else.


    Jaydena had taken time with her and had showed her that not all Aes Sedai were scary, or intimidating or even meant to be either. Some were of course, meaning ever little savored moment of intimidation but, the company with her today, proved to Satin, that she was right. There had to be a few that were were more than helpful, outside the Grey's and Yellows that she had met.


    After a while of lovely silence, Jaydena pointed out that learning was all about what Aes Sedai had to go through. That the Tower would teach you well, but that no matter how small... it was all purposeful and if you paid strict attention, it was for your own betterment.


    The day was more than half over and they finished up the last two rooms that Jaydena required from her. She reserved the last room for yet, another Novice to learn from. She nearly smiled at the thought that yes, more than likely they would whine to a degree if not, internally as the Aes Sedai had mentioned.


    The experience, getting to know this Aes Sedai was one of more pleasant ones. She felt a fondness for her almost immediately after the first room was painted. She was quite surprised to have the woman painting with her... as most Aes Sedai would have shoved the brush into your hand and made their way out of the room to let you do it, alone.


    She removed her smock and turned around to see Jaydena come out of her bedroom, carrying a mediums sized box. She came to Satin and handed it to her. Satin almost didn't reach for it thinking... "this is for me?" She looked into the Aes Sedai's eyes and there was that same welcoming smile. She explained to her about the gift given to her when she was young. About the friend she had made doing nearly the same chores. About what was in the box.


    She carefully lifted out, the pouches, the smaller boxes and opened cubby holes all containing items, to identify her chosen Ajah, on a beautiful pendant. The paint would last for a long time so she had no worries there. The gift was extraordinary and held a deep meaning for them. Today she made a great friend.


    Her curtsy and thanks to her could never have equaled the prize that were held within that box. She was moved and yet held her composure for the most part.


    She graciously accepted the gift, "Jaydena Sedai, this is not necessary I know, but your gift to me is a true sign of friendship... and will be cherished forever." She smiled at Jaydena, "I will keep it hidden within my Armour, and only use it the day I am raised." Again, a curtsy.


    Before she turned to leave she said to Jaydena, "Your teachings are not wasted on me. I want you to know that. Today wasn't so much about labor but more about character. And I want you to know that this Novice sees in you, your greatness, loyalty, kindness and wisdom."


    She gave a slight bow and closed the door behind her. When she got to her room she wept. A mother like her would have made her life so much more.... bearably.


    Satin sur Amoura

    Learning Life

  4. You have my full support on that *lol*


    I can start it.


    I think I'll be in the gardens. I will be reading and listening to the birds etc. I will begin my journey down that path of hate of mommy dearest. I will write up my post today. So its to the gardens we'll meet.


    *sniggers at the thought of you playing this*


    The Past That Haunt Her, will be the name of this thread. ;)

  5. I think if I choose White Ajah for this character and because of her very matter of fact personal traits... I think shes going to be rather busy with perfection than anything else. Or not so much perfection but making well thought out, trained or honed choices. So my next AS will definately more... energetic *LOL*

  6. This, is where I admittedly am not familiar with the aging timeline, from the day I became Novice to the day I raise Accepted. I know we can all progress at any pace but I don't want to make it look like I was there. 3 years and zoomed through everything. What is your opinon on how aged a person might think about from:


    Novice to Accepted


    Accepted to AS

  7. I think I have crazy down to an art form. ;) But you all can try as you might... to our crazy me any day. I love crazy people!!!


    Okay *takes thread back*


    So since according to Claire, this may well be a one time character play, there is no need for a real bio. She is letting us slide *dances* this will give you a lot of creative freedoms within the confines of crazy. Wow... that's a purdy big room. ;)


    So, I want to hear what you'll do with her? But lets set up an outlandish thing on what is to occur because before you came to me wanting to play this deranged woman, I wasn't planning on anyone doing this with me.


    Anyway, this is my funky outline:


    1. Satin has done very well at not thinking too deeply about her Mother and focuses all her energies on her Father. She loves him very deeply and spent most of her time with him. He was very very loving, and devoted to his daughter so a great relationship there.


    2. Mama dabbled in the DF arena looking for favors from anyone who could speak well of her for her misdeeds. She was looking for power in some way. She didn't get how it was done so she is quit ignorant in the ways of the Lord of the Dark. But she appears to be a fine, upstanding woman but very, nonchalant of Satin... except to sell her soul to the dark, if she could. Not knowing anything about her daughter's "spark" she can only advance her own agenda's by using her daughter as a pawn. Satin has experiences relating to her mothers... "underworld" dealings but it was all so carefully explained away to her. Her mother really is a candidate to be murdered because flaunts of her ambition.


    3. Satin's escorts are due to rise in the ranks of Black Ajah. Though it is my interest to see one of the offed (The Blue) in a display to the Grey, who you will play, to show her what can happen if you are not 100% devoted. The Blue wasn't so into this elite group of women and was more of a rouge. She was destine for death.


    4. Now that Satin is nearing her time to be raised she is mostly having more free time and so walking in the Gardens has become one of her past times. Satin loves nature and singing birds. She used to cage them and have the singing in her own room (at home) and her mother would secretly kill them, saying to Satin, they must have escaped. Her mother was annoyed by her desire to love anything.


    5. Satin is about to open her eye and mind to the hate in her heart for her mother. She will delve into the things she remembers about her mother mingling with like, low lives, people who would sell you out for a favor. She would reminisce and start to realize the path her mother was on. And at times realize that it wasn't all that ugly. That it had its uses.


    6. The Grey will rise to the Black (don't know how revealing that should be) but the main plot story line is Satin so this would have to be... maybe less than 3 paragraphs? My story may go on for a bit because I honestly don't do short stories very well. But that the Grey can display her crazy the most in the death of her companion Blue and when she meets up with Satin in a hallway experience and a "talk" about her stay so far at the Tower etc. Satin is very observant. She will pick up on "things" but not be sure of what they are or why she sees what she sees in this woman.


    Its not unheard of. Jade has me in her quarter for like... days ;) *rotfl* painting and chatting. Maybe you can have me do some chore? I dunno? Or not.



    I don't do out lines very well as you can tell. *sigh* Been a long long time since I've had to do one.

  8. I talked a littel bit, to Elgee and since you want to be involved in my last story with Satin, she thought firstly, that I should ask Claire about needing a bio for her. So I will be pming Claire and we can work on a bio together, working from what I pm'd you a few days ago... is that okay?




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