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  1. I'm somewhat "new" to the series. I think it was about 5 years ago I was introduced to it, and read through it all in that amount of time. That may or may not seem like a lot of time to some, but I also have a full time job, kiddos and a home to help keep clean, so if I were younger and less attached, I'd probably fly through it! Having said that, I was given the Companion as a gift from my hubby for Christmas and I'm proud to say I'm on the letter "C"! :) I'll admit, it was not at all what I expected when I first opened it. I suppose I truly was expecting another "book", not a dictionary of words. However, I'm working my way through page by page and enjoying every word! I read a review somewhere that said to give it your undivided attention and lots of time. There are little nuggets of treasure hidden in the words of the Companion. I couldn't agree more! I'm absolutely loving it! It's as though I'm reliving the entire series all over again, without having to do a re-read, which by the way is going to happen as soon as I finish the Companion! I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as the rest of us!
  2. Wow. Such a great question. Unfortunately I don't have many friends who enjoy reading as much as I do, so when I mention how many books are in the series, let alone how many pages on average each book is, they get a glazed look in their eye that I remember so clearly from science class when I was a kid! I suppose that it's difficult to summarize how great ("great" being such a lack of definition) the story is because there's just so much more to it than just good vs. evil, love story, one man having to face the reality that the fate of the world is on his shoulders and he must die in order to save it (mind you, at such a young age). I think people are at that point where they are either over "end of the world" sagas/stories or they want something quick and simple such as the Divergent series or Hunger Games. Before I read this series, I never read anything in this genre. I was given a couple of the books from my sister-in-law who was cleaning out her shelves and knew how much I like books. I never took them out of the box until maybe a couple years later. I started reading it because I had nothing else to read. I was incredibly skeptical. I read the prologue to EotW about 5 times before the imagery finally sunk in. After that, I was hooked. I think this series is one of those where they have to read it for themselves to understand the true beauty of RJ's work.
  3. Happy weekend! I hope you get to enjoy it! :)

  4. Hehe, just a'checking in! Hopefully RL goes away like it should, always getting in the way DARN IT! ^.^

  5. Hey Lanna! I hope you'll forgive me, life has once again gotten in the way of my entertainment! LOL I'm hoping for a much better week this week! :) I'm still hangin' in here though. I hope your week got better after your run-in at work.

  6. *peeks in to make sure her mentee hasn't lost herself*


  7. Hi hon! Well enough ^.^ First day of classes today and all... *shifty* Don't get too busy, but if you do, DM is a GREAT way to ignore practically everything around you ;) <3

  8. Hey friend! Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi". I've been pretty busy the last couple days and haven't had much time to stick around DM. Hope your week is going good!

  9. Hmm, searching for a nice signature image...not easy, yet surprisingly fun!

  10. Thank you both! Laine, first I have to say, I love your Avatar!! I'm a huge FF X & X-2 fan as well! :) Predictions, well, I'm hoping that somehow Rand finds out who his real parents are/were, but is also able to come to terms with his feelings about Tam. I still can't quite figure out "what" Mat is supposed to be. Where Rand is the Dragon, Perrin is the wolf, what exactly is Mat? Was he this amazing fighter? There was a bit of a glimpse in tDR of who he may have been, but there really hasn't been any clear indication. I think that Nynaeve will eventually learn how to control her power and become so insanely powerful, and have Lan as her guardian (thus making her green ajah!). Egwene will become the Amyrlin, Elayne I think will end up with Mat, become full Aes Sedai and be the one who ends the Forsaken who has become close to her mother (I can't remember his name right now). Rand will fall in love with Min, more so than he is with Elayne, but will fight the feelings he has for all of the women because of his fear of hurting/killing all those that he's close to. That's the "Romantic" side of things that I see coming. Beyond that, I'm not sure, but I'm really excited to find out! :)
  11. Hello! I'm new to the WOT series, but became hooked after the first sentence! My sister in law gave me books 6 through 10, but was not able to find the first 5, so I bought the first one on Amazon fully expecting to find it un-interesting. I don't typically read TOR, so when I became completely enthralled, I was pretty surprised. I've just started book 4, and fully expect to be on book 5 by the end of the month. A bit about myself, I have a 3 year old son, been married 13 years and live in Virginia. I met my husband in High School and married right after High School. I work at a small credit union as the Member Service Coordinator. I read non stop (except when I'm at work), and currently am reading, aside from book 4 of the WOT series, about 3 other books. Though this series has taken precedence! I look forward to meeting you all and having fun conversations! ~Mel~
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