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Our Final Week of the Cage Matches is Here!


Welcome to Week 5, the final week of our Wheel of Time Cage Matches!


For those of you who are dying to know who the winners were for last week, here they are:


1.) Moridin vs. Nynaeve (Winner = Moridin)

2.) Mat vs. Lan (Winner = Mat)


We are now down to our last two fighters--one channeler and one non-channeler going up against each other:


Mat vs. Moridin


We also have a Consolation Match featuring two characters who were not in the original matches, for the sake of sheer hilarity:


Narg vs. Bela


Please head to this forum in order to participate. You will need to register for our forums in order to post and vote. Votes posted in the comments section of the front page or anywhere other than the appointed thread polls will not count! Also, please read this before posting in the other threads. That thread has a lot of information in it, including our tournament schedule.


Who will win? Will it be handsome Mat or hideous Moridin? Will the consolation prize be taken by the enigmatic equine or the terrifying Trolloc? You decide!

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dear mat

let me remind you something you said a long time ago:

one pretty woman means fun at the dance

two pretty women mean trouble in the house

three pretty women mean run for the hills

so,luck or not,foxhead medallion or not,ashandarei or not,its time to run

for the hills very fast!!!!or..or you can call rand for help,after all what's

the point of having such a powerful friend?please call him.

i will give you my vote because you are one of my favorites,but personally i

think you're up to your hat in troubles.....

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