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Sanaa Hamri joins Season 2 of The Wheel of Time

Katy Sedai
  • Hamri joins the team as director and executive producer for Amazon Prime Video's The Wheel of Time.

Katy is a news contributor for Dragonmount. You can follow her as she shares her thoughts on The Wheel of Time TV Show on Instagram and Twitter @KatySedai


Deadline reports that Sanaa Hamri will be a director and executive producer for half of season two of Amazon Prime's The Wheel of Time. 


Hamri started her career directing music videos before moving to directing movies and television. She has recently been the executive producer and director for the series Empire from 2015-2020. Her films include Something New, Just Wright, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.  A 2015 Vulture article highlights Hamri's production skills coordinating the elaborate musical pieces in Empire. 


Season one director Ute Briesewitz also held the executive producer title for the first season. Hamri will likely be managing the creative vision for season two. 


The other director confirmed for season two is Thomas Napper.

To catch up on the first season's directors, check out Adam’s article: Meet the WOT directors.   


We also recently had an update on the composer for season one. During a Q&A after the teaser trailer release, Showrunner Rafe Judkins revealed that Lorne Balfe will be the composer for the show. 

We heard Balfe's work during the title logo reveal a couple months ago. 


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asking as an ignorant in how those things are made, but what's the purpose of changing directors so often? they had 4 different directors in season 1, and not in a "storms off and resigns from the job because of interpersonal conflicts, have to get a substitute" (which would have been a huge red flag on the show quality) but it was planned like this from the beginning.

Isn't there the risk of lacking a unitary vision? What do they gain by having so many different people be directors?


And by the way, what's exactly the difference between director and executive producer?

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TV shows use a lot of different directors - it's common. Go look at how many directors there were each season for GoT. The showrunners (i.e. Rafe) are the ones who mold the vision of the show and usually write many of the episodes.


Executive producer means you invested money in the production and/or helped it get made. 

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