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Amazon Reveals New Immersive Trailer

Jason Denzel
  • Amazon launched its latest trailer for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV show.

Amazon Prime released the latest trailer for its upcoming Wheel of Time TV show. The trailer came in a 360-degree immersive format, allowing viewers to move their phones around and "look" around in a mysterious chamber filled with clues and ominous imagery. 


Here's the trailer:



After you watch the trailer, check out the full video breakdown from showrunner Rafe Judkins:



For more information, including the full cast and all official images and videos, head over to our Wheel of Time TV show section of the website. Also, be sure to join us on our forums, and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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It really looks good. Love the Trollocs! I was super pleased to see Fal Dara & Borderlanders. Rafe is right ... Should be a lot of chatter about the Aiel - that shot made me giddy. 


Stuff like changing the name of the taint to the corruption ... I find that unnecessary & dumb. 


But on the whole. It looks mmm delicious. Super excited.

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I agree. Why is he calling The Taint, The Corruption?


Was hoping to see more of Tam and Min and WolfBrothers. And at least one of the Forsaken.


And I thought a WayGate was flowing with Avendesora leaves from Ogier-nurtured ancient gardens.


But OMG, how scary to see an army of trollics descending towards you! Hope they cast them as the 7-9ft tall, men-eating monsters that they are.



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I'm not sure why I have to explain this, but I've seen it come up else where too.


In the 30 years since these books came out the word, "taint"has become sexually associated with a particular spot on the human body. It seems obvious to me why they wouldn't want to keep using the word.


To the detriment of late night talk show hosts everywhere

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Thanks for the education bobert, I wasn’t expecting that for an answer but loaded words can carry so much cultural baggage that we all have to watch where we step these days...I suppose! So I guess The Corruption is a good substitute for the raging, hydrophobic-like, mind-twisting weaves associated with Saidin.

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