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  1. So I also took this smile differently, not as sad and knowing, nor as happy and approving. I thought she really looked like Nynaeve there, more than any other shot. She was smiling to cover that she felt uneasy, overprotective, and maybe even a bit jealous.
  2. I think most of us expect things to get condensed, but how? How would you do it. I expect some people would want 14 seasons one for each book? What do you think about that? I would have the first 3 books in the first 2 seasons, the next three books in the next 2 seasons. Books 7-11 should get cut down to 2 or 3 seasons. Maybe 2 Seasons for Sanderson's run. What kind of changes would that mean for the story though?
  3. This all seems a bit silly. Are we really parsing out nudity predictions. The books always came across to me as PG to PG-13 anyway. If they threw in a bunch of gratuitous nudity and violence, I would say that is deviating from the source material. It would also draw comparisons to GoT which they seem to be trying to avoid.
  4. No, I'm not suggesting that Rand shouldn't be the Dragon. And it was always fun that the "Chosen one," was, in fact, going insane. I think that should all play out. I think it can be played up better from the perspective of others and how they view his behavior as he starts to go unhinged. When we saw it from the inside we tended to lean towards "Rand's hearing voices but that doesn't mean he's insane." I think he'll come across a lot more on the edge of loosing it, when it's just everyone else having to deal with him and all the crap he pulls.
  5. I'm excited about WOT for the first time in decades. I really loved this series as a young adult, but I started reading it just before book 8 came out. I was frustrated and disappointed before Jordan died and completely done with it before the last book came out. This series got out of hand. It lost it's pacing and had too many spanking scenes. Most of us know that. I'm really excited the producers of this show are not afraid to make changes. Changes were needed. I am also glad they're pushing Rand back from the foreground and focusing the show on what's going on around him. We don't need another story centered on the personal journey of our white male savior. I hope they stick to that. Cutting Rand back is a great way to tighten the story line and frankly there were just a horde of more interesting characters in the original story line anyway. I really hope this show is able to clean up this story, because there was so much promise and so much to love in those first six books.
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