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Thursdays with Tynaal: Wheel of Time Weaponry

Tynaal Consen

In our last Wheel of Time merchandise blogs, we had a look at Wheel of Time inspired jewelry and clothing. Now, we shall be focusing our attention on something you can't really wear. Well, you can't wear it easily in today's day and age, but it's something I am sure any aspiring Warder, Band of the Red Hand member, or Algai'd'siswai would love to have.


Have you ever wanted to be a blademaster, but couldn't find a panel to judge you? Well, give the panel a pass and just go buy yourself a heron-mark sword! You can find these swords both on Swords of Honor and Museum Replicas. The swords seem to have really good craftsmanship. The only downside is the price. I personally thought it was a very steep price until I compared it to what you pay for modern hunting bows here in South Africa. After comparing the prices, it seems quite reasonable. So, if a heron-mark sword is something you have always wanted and you're willing to pay the price, go for it!


If you're not a fan of our goldenboy Rand and would prefer to have an axe like Perrin, check this out. They have one that you can buy. If you're a supporter of Mat or Birgitte instead, then you can have a look at the selection of staves and bows that the three sites I linked you to have.


My last word of advice is that you should please be careful with the weapons and consider taking a beginners' course to perfect your handling of them. You should especially do this if you're considering getting a crossbow, sword, axe, or the like.

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"Costume" blades are pretty, but if you smack one it'll most likely snap at the hilt and the metal of the blade itself will bend and the edge dent. Anyone know if this sword is a costume blade, or is it instead "battle ready" (i.e. could actually be used)? I think it's a bit expensive if it's just a costume piece.

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I know a little about swords and own two swords made by Windlass Steelcrafts, the company that manufactures the heron-mark blades. Generally, I think they make a great sword for the price. Cheap swords typically have several features that make them easy to break: 1) the tang (part of the blade that goes into the handle)) is welded on, 2) the steel is case-hardened so that inside the steel is porous and brittle, & 3) the balance is awful (good cut-and-thrust swords should balance around the guard or no more than a few inches to the blade side of it). A great way to test a sword is to bend it; a good sword will vigorously spring back. It is crap if it stays bent. The swords I have handled from Windlass Steelcrafts pass with flying colors on all of these points and are truly "battle-ready," i.e., you could fight in a war with it, and it most likely would not break. The tang is forged from the same piece of steel as the blade, so there is no weakness at the hilt. They are flexible and about the cheapest thing I have found on the market with as much quality. The heron-mark blade specs make it sound a bit heavy to me, but it is primarily a cutting weapon, and the pommel appears to be of decent weight to balance the blade.

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@fossman, its not usually an issue with hand made(custom) vs machine made... its more to do with the metal itself... stainless steel is shiney, and hard, but in swords, you actually need more flexability then hardness, causing stainless swords to crack VERY easily... also if the steel is of very low grade, or damaged, they can crack...


tho there is only one custom swordsmith that i trust, but theyre prices are VERY high, but the blades are specially treated and are >10x stronger then "normal" battle ready swords :)

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