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  1. There was always a Champion of the Light born, yes, at the end of an Age to fight the Dark One, however the term "Dragon" is a recent (or reused, considering we're talking about cyclical time here) appellation. As for losing the knowledge of a Champion taht fights at the end of an Age, I don't see why it couldn't happen. Really, the only reason LTT is remembered is because he is directly tied to the Breaking and all the suffering that came after (the loss of paradise). I don't see why a world-hinging battle couldn't happen quietly in a way that only those directly involved knew what was
  2. LOL... I just had a whole Agent Smith flashback...
  3. I thought Sweet had already finished it. Still, a white cover would certainly be appropriate, considering the title of the novel.
  4. Hmmm... I would agree with the half of that which has to do with everlastng life, however the part of putting servants in higher positions of authority is off. At least in the religion I'm involved with, He doesn't promise authority or power (at least on Earth)--in fact, such things tend to corrupt. Still, your allusion holds merrit. Those who are part of religion (even people in mine are guilty of this) do tend to assume positions of authority/power. Of course, I believe Harriett made a comment a while ago about her husband's disdain for organized religion (hence the Children of the Li
  5. So, that's about 516 ft (12ft per floor)? To put that in perspective, the Eiffel Tower is 1,063 ft.
  6. Ah well, none of my players are avid WoT readers, anyway...
  7. That would make sense, although I'm not sure what, if any, impact this would have on Galad. Still, as the leader of the Children, maybe being tied to the Dragon would focus the Children's zeal for combating the Shadow...
  8. Yikes... really? No, their "darkness" was copied, not taken. Well, I don't think she's ever been asked about the Black Wind has she?
  9. Yes, the Black Wind came from the taint on Saidin, however that's all we really know of it. To me, this does not explain how the Black Wind came to be somewhat intelligent. Therefore, I am running a WoT roleplaying game (based on the Shadowrun 4 rules) that will explain it, at least to my satisfaction. This is the explanation in a nutshell (the backstory for part of my campaign)... About 500 years prior to the main storyline (the time in which my game is set), the Ways began decaying: rotten fruit on the trees, grass dying along the bridges/islands, etc. It wasn't very bad, but it
  10. Of course, I am equally impressed that anynone (you) picked up on said subtlety.
  11. Okay, if Robert Jordan did indeed plant that whole idea of Taralan / Great Arvalon, I am deeply impressed. I'm also ticked off at how subtle it was. Hnestly, I can't think of another instance where an author put in something as obscure as a clue in a signature line. Clues are usually hidden in off-handed comments or descriptions... I'm now officialy boggled.
  12. And even this was not an act targeted at Min, but rather one targeted at Rand. Min was just a tool, in this case. There's a theory some theologians ascribe to that Judas Iscariot's actions were not evil or selfishly motivated, but rather his motives were pure and good. Instead of betraying Jesus, they say he handed him over to authorities with Jesus' consent, setting into motion the chain of events needed to fulfill what many Christians regard as scriptural prophecies of salvation through Jesus' crucifixion. (I am not implying that I ascribe to this theory) In fact, Judas confronting Je
  13. Okay, so this is NOT on topic, but dressing up for Halloween got me thinking... Hey, I'm from Sheinar and I'm gonna be a Myrddraal for Halloween! And he promptly gets shot from a dozen crossbows and cut down by at least a half-dozen men.
  14. "Costume" blades are pretty, but if you smack one it'll most likely snap at the hilt and the metal of the blade itself will bend and the edge dent. Anyone know if this sword is a costume blade, or is it instead "battle ready" (i.e. could actually be used)? I think it's a bit expensive if it's just a costume piece.
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